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03-08-2007, 09:04   #1
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MRI Scan for overweight people


I've to get an MRI scan on my lower back and I'm overweight. My dimensions are not utterly massive, I'm a 42" waist and I weigh 145kg. Trouble is, this weight is too much for, apparently, most MRI machines. It's a chicken and an egg situation as I'm currently practically incapacitated due to something thats going on with my sciatic nerve (it's been nigh on 3 months since I could walk "properly"). I've to get fit for an operation I'm having next year in Edinburgh to lengthen a short leg and this really needs to be fixed.

Has anybody been in a similar situation before and can you offer help/advice on a location or anything at all?

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That sucks.

Ask your doctor.
If he's told you that most machines won't be able to take you , then ask him for the location of the rest.

He's going to be the one referring you anyway, so he should be able to do the work in finding you somewhere to take you.

Sorry I'm not much help, but it's the best and most direct thing you can do shy of calling all the hospitals you can think of and asking them outright.

Best of luck.
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I found this link to the Advanced Radiology Centre who seem to have the type of scanning you need. Its an Open MRI which they say is suitable for overweight patients. Theyre in Sandyford, (edit: and Dundrum)according to the site, but check it out yourself:
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03-08-2007, 20:49   #4
Canis Lupus
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Stop eating so much.
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03-08-2007, 23:07   #5
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Originally Posted by Canis Lupus
Stop eating so much.
Please try to be even vaguely helpful. Banned.

OP, have you been put in contact with a dietican and a physiotherapist / trainer?
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03-08-2007, 23:30   #6
mia mia mia
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I had an mri last year abd my waist is 35in, hip 40in and I'll tell you I had trouble staying still for 40mins,,,,,,,,its very tight.....
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im glad canis got banned, being overweight does not always mean one eats or drinks to much, it could be genetic or many other reasons.
and i think 42 waist and 145 kg. is not particularly overweight, its just sad that it effects your health in other ways sometimes.
good luck with the scan, your back and your leg.
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04-08-2007, 10:51   #8
Carsinian Thau
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I agree with getting your doctor to refer you elsewhere but (if you or your health insurance is willing to pay for it) you may be able to get the scan done privately. There are a few places dotted around the country (I only know the exact location of the one in Cork) that can do that, unfortuantely they may charge a lot though.

It's probably better to wait for your doctor but it mightn't hurt to help them along.

Good luck with the nerve and the leg btw.
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04-08-2007, 11:36   #9
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I had an MRI a couple of years ago and I ain't a small chap as people will tell you. That was in Vincents private. The one thing is if you suffer from claustrophobia then you ain't going to have alot of fun. The main problem I had was keeping perfectly still.
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04-08-2007, 12:02   #10
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Hi OP, sympathies on your condition.

If you would like to lose weight it is possible despite your lack of ability to excercise with a decent diet. there is loads of info in the fitness forum on nutrion which would be an excellent starting point. Not in any way implying that you need to its just that if you are interested.

With regard to the MRI, there is a better chose of location if you go private. Even if its expensive, if you can afford it at all i'd recommend it. You only have one body and there is nothing worse that being un well.

good luck with it anyway and i hope you get well soon

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04-08-2007, 16:25   #11
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Thanks for all your help.

@KtK -> Thanks for that, the receptionist at that place was really nice and told me the dimensions for the open MRI and it would appear I'm within them. This helps me lots because while I'm not quite madly clautrophobic, the thought of being in that tube for 40 minutes kinda unnerves me...

@Canis Lupus -> Well there's always one, isn't there?

@Victor -> I used to go to dieticians but they were no use. Even eating right and strictly (punishingly..) I still put on weight so after trying 3 of them I gave up..

@sjaakie -> Thanks a million for the kind words. while it may appear that I would be this big massive bulk of a person who has trouble doing stuff I've never had my weight/size be a hinderance in anything I've ever done before now, my other MRI's on my leg and wrist were no hassle, I guess it's just now I have to go completely into the machine and put all my weight onto the table...

@Carsinian Thau -> I'll pay privately, I can afford it, I can't afford to wait and it's just better service overall!

@Ali.C -> I've made quite a few posts a while ago regarding fitness under my real username I'm quite well versed in nutrition and fitness as I used to be an avid weightlifter and played rugby, recent real life events overtook me and all my discipline went out the window - that's not to say I chomp mars bars all day but I've found I can't do the whole "little but often" regime as a result. Things are starting to look up and then this whole sciatic nerve thing renders me useless..C'est la vie

Following on from the scan which I'll have in the ARC in Dublin, hopefully no sugery or anything serious will be required and I'll get back into all the things I used to do and watch this weight drop off like old times

Thanks for all your kind words
05-08-2007, 02:46   #12
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Originally Posted by sjaakie
im glad canis got banned, being overweight does not always mean one eats or drinks to much, it could be genetic or many other reasons.
and i think 42 waist and 145 kg. is not particularly overweight, its just sad that it effects your health in other ways sometimes.
good luck with the scan, your back and your leg.
..Since when is 23 stone not overweight?! Unless the guy's like 6'8.

Hell, i'm pretty porky and that's at 17st and 6'1.
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