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07-08-2006, 15:38   #61
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the tickets over there are cheap enough!!

we did universal, seaworld, islands of adventure and wet n wild!! ... u can get a ticket for all 4 theme parks its called a 4 park orlando flex ticket or theres a five park one aswell


Seaworld is a must!! as were the other 3!! really was a great ticket for the price!

or if ur just looking for one or teo parks try here... http://www.universalorlando.com/tickets.html
the deals there seem really good!
hope you have a ball!!

we tried to go to disney at night just to see the fireworks but you can't do that any more... i would have loved to have seen disney as eurodisney was excellent! ah well maybe next time lol
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07-08-2006, 16:52   #62
Naked Lepper
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disney is good for the kids, it has a few big rides too tho
epcot is quite boring, no thrill rides really
mgm is alright (probs the best out of them for rides) has tower or terror and test track thing
magic kingdom is where splash mt. and thunder mt. are, the classic disney scenery etc characters etc, best park if u have kids

wet n wild on international drive is the best water park, ya have to go there if in orlando area

busch gardens in tampa (about 1hour drive) is just rollercoaster after rollercoaster, great park if ur into thrill rides

island of adventure (universal 2) is also good for rollercoasters, just like universal studios it is but with bigger faster rides
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08-08-2006, 15:33   #63
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Heading back to Florida end of October. It'll be my forth time visiting. Fantasic place.

Disney parks are superb for kids. Best thing in the world to bring kids to. If you don;t have kids don't bother.

For Rollercoasters busche Gardens (half theme park half zoo) and Islands of advernture would be the best imo. Superb parks.

I haven't been to Universal Studios of a few years (was in the L.A. one in January this year). Would not be my favourite park tbh and would not have the most extreme of rides.

Don't discount seaworld. This is a superb park with a good few rollercoasters. This park is owned by the same owners of Busche Gardens so you can buy a good value ticket for both.

Please note all the parks are in the Orlando area except for Busche Gardens which is in Tampa (about 1 1/2 hours drive).

One other thing check to see if Universal or Busche Gardens are doing the Holloween party's while your there. I have booked tickets for our trip in October. It's supposed to be excellent. Runs from Sept - Nov.

Finally this place is supposed to be excellent for tickets:

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10-08-2006, 12:13   #64
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thankf for that ticket link, pretty good value...
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12-08-2006, 19:06   #65
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We're going next February. If you want to swim with dolphins then try Discovery Cove. It's fairly expensive but you get a day in the place, buffet lunch/drinks and you get a time for your dolphin swim as they only take 1000 people per day. Your ticket also allows you 7 days at either SeaWorld or Busch Gardens
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12-08-2006, 19:14   #66
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Get the Flex Ticket thing, go to the two Universal Theme Parks, Seaworld and Busch Gardens. Don't bother with Disney unless you have young kids.
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20-12-2006, 12:55   #67
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* ~** ThemeParks Megathread **~**

myself and the girlfriend have been talking about going to the states for about a week to hit some theme parks and generally have fun.

anyone know of any irish agencies that do great and cheap deals? anyone gone before? any other theme parks that we should go to or avoid? we're not really interested in disney land, but we're definatley gonna hit universal...
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20-12-2006, 13:00   #68
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If you have children go to Disney world if not dont. I was bored out of my brains there

For rollercoasters go to universal and also water world (sorry cant remember the exact name) plan on spending a full day there in each. Book every thing yourself over the net its much cheaper and definitely rent a car it makes life much easier especially if you want to get to the outlet stores. And driving there is very easy even the americans can do it.

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17-07-2007, 15:49   #69
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I'm going to have the best part of a week to loose myself somewhere over California direction in mid-august. I expect to be meeting some friends in San Jose area towards the end of the week before then getting a flight back to Washington DC, but I'm not sure exactly what to do with myself for the rest of the week before hand. I'll be hiring a car and where I fly into over that side of the country does not really matter, I'll already be in the US anyway.

So any ideas of what to do with myself greatfully received?
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17-07-2007, 15:50   #70
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Hit Yosemite!
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17-07-2007, 16:08   #71
Chardee MacDennis
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napa valley wine tasting - great day out

if you're into baseball - if the Oakland A's are at home on tuesdays the tickets are only $2 and hotdogs are $1!!!
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17-07-2007, 16:57   #72
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Port Aventura?

Just wondering, if we were to go about getting our tickets for Port Aventura theme park here for when we go in august, do these 3 day tickets and such cover for the night time as well? I ask this because on the main site it says that there are night tickets available during the peak season, so does this mean you can't go at night without these night tickets?
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17-07-2007, 18:16   #73
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Paramounts great america theme park is near San Jose. I think there is also a waterpark there now. San Francisco is also a great spot for a few days, and only a short journey from San Jose.
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18-07-2007, 09:59   #74
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Hi We had 2 week tickets for Portaventura a few weeks ago and they covered entry for any time including the night. While the park is good we had up to 1 and ahalf hour waits for some rides. You can buy express tickets for 20 euro per day each on top of your entry fee - I think you can only buy these locally at the entrance booths . Car parking is 6 Euro a day. The next time we go we are only going to buy 3 day tickets and expresss . If you have any kids under 1.4metres they won't get to go on the fast rides etc. My 9 year son was 1.38metres and was devestated when he couldnt do on the mad roller coaster! Food is reasonabley priced for a theme park.
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18-07-2007, 12:29   #75
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Thanks very much for the in depth response. I don't think we'll have to worry about children under 1.4m because its a sixth year holiday we're going on, well at least i should hope not
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