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14-05-2021, 09:59   #1 Niamh Community Manager Niamh's Avatar
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Now ye're talking - to someone who's had weightloss surgery

We have a new guest for AMA today, something a bit different. From the guest:

I had bariatric (weight loss) surgery a few years ago and lost about 50kg or 8 stone. I went from a morbidly obese BMI of 40 to a healthy BMI of 25. I was overweight my whole life but quite fit. Once I finished college and started working as a doctor my weight ballooned. It took me years to even consider weight loss surgery and I thought it would be useful for people to hear about my hesitations/concerns, why I eventually chose the surgery, and what it has been like since.
Reminder: please do not ask for medical advice.

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Brussels Sprout
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Did you find your diet changing in terms of the types of food you ate before and afterwards or just the total volumes?
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14-05-2021, 12:10   #3
Do Not Be Afraid.....
Well done for doing this, should be interesting.

What was your biggest weakness, food-wise, before the op? What food do you miss the most nowadays?
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14-05-2021, 12:10   #4
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Did you try the usual food portion sizes, healthy eating, regular exercise before you took the weight loss surgery option?
Considering you are doctor I assume you are well familiar with such advice.
Or were you not able to do so because of medical issues?
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14-05-2021, 12:29   #5
Dental Plan!
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Not entirely related to the actual topic; but you mention that when you started working as a doctor your weight ballooned.

From looking around in hospitals and even watching hospital documentaries on TV, you notice a lot of healthcare workers are overweight. More than you would generally see out and about. And not just a bit wobbly; properly obese.

Do you have any theories on why this is? Could it be a combination of irregular working hours and long shifts leading to a lot of snacking and poor meal choices? I would have always expected that a long shift on your feet would be great for fitness, but then if you're snacking all the way through it and having a chinese when you get home cos you're just too tired, you'll undo any good work.
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14-05-2021, 12:47   #6
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What does bariatric surgery involve, how does it work? Is it a permanent solution or could your weigh go up again at some point in the future?
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14-05-2021, 14:09   #7
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Did you have to undergo any specific tests / checks to assess your suitability as a candidate for surgery?

What procedure did you have - gastric band or gastric sleeve?
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14-05-2021, 14:15   #8
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Did you have to have skin removal surgery afterwards?
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14-05-2021, 18:36   #9
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Are you happier as a person now that you've lost all that weight? The reason I ask is because I know of somebody whose weight ballooned due to emotional eating. As a result of the surgery, that form of self-soothing was taken from them and they were miserable.
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14-05-2021, 18:40   #10
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When they say afterwards that you can (or are only supposed to eat) golf-ball sized meals, how does that work in terms of getting proper nutrition, or do you have to eat things like Complan?
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14-05-2021, 19:32   #11
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have you noticed any difference in how people treat you since you lost the weight?

can you expand on this part "I was overweight my whole life but quite fit"? were you exercising regularly but not controlling your food intake?
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14-05-2021, 21:48   #12
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Did you have the surgery done in Ireland or in another EU country?
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14-05-2021, 23:21   #13
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Did you have to pay for the surgery? What kind of consultation / preparation did you have to go through, was it difficult to access the services you needed, how long did it take to get the surgery?
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15-05-2021, 00:18   #14
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Were there aspects you weren’t prepared for, or had you been well prepared by the medical team?

Did you find it easier or harder than you expected?
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15-05-2021, 03:08   #15
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Whats the story with alcohol? Can you have few beers on a night out with the lads or a few glasses of wine at home?
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