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29-06-2020, 22:58   #16
Richard Hillman
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Join Date: Jun 2011
Posts: 9,065
You know with the Covid outbreak, the Chemical Spill in Siberia, the forest fires, the alleged radiation leaks around St Petersburg, the constitutional vote, keeping Chechnya and Dagestan in their box, it's amazing that Vlad has any time in his day to be doing this too.
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29-06-2020, 23:06   #17
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jimmycrackcorm's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2003
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It's not entirely unreasonable to suggest that Russiona hackers will target home workers in the hopes of gaining access to remote workers whose employer rushed the remote working set up and doesn't have adequate security. But it's doubtfull that these hackers work for the Russian government but instead will do the usual thing of encrypting data in the hopes of getting a bitcoin pay-off.
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29-06-2020, 23:09   #18
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Any of my scam phone calls would appear to come from either India or Nigeria (which I entertain with great gusto).
Guess the Ruskautobots don't have the accent for "this is your Windows 10 lottery bank call centre calling", without sounding all Dolph Lundgren Rocky IV.

The rest of the tinternet scams (old linkedin bulk hacked pwd teasers) emanate out of the likes of Czech Republic, Estonia and Ukraine.
N'Kor are perhaps the king of bitcoin harddrive lockdowns, bigKim has to import fine cheese and wine at great expense afterall.
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29-06-2020, 23:20   #19
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Originally Posted by Kylta View Post
Somebody should be keeping a close eye on those Eskimos, nevermind the russkies. The minute the eskimos train the polar bears to fly the worlds in trouble.
You do need to watch those Eskimo people, polar bear corrupters they have resources to cause much trouble, they are minted too.
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29-06-2020, 23:28   #20
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One thing is for sure this dude's (Nigerian in Dubai) interweb global cyber scam party, is all over with now:

AN INSTAGRAM star who lived the high life in Dubai while conning millions of people has been brought crashing down by the FBI.
Nigerian influencer Raymond Abbas, 38, was nicked for his alleged major role in a £350million cyber-scam while asleep in his luxury home in Dubai.

$30m in cash was also discovered earlier this month, what ever internet scam he was doing (CCards likely), sure must have been lucrative.

Local media reports that the FBI will push to extradite Mr Abbas to America, as many of the alleged victims were US citizens.
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29-06-2020, 23:48   #21
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A lot of incel sorts seem to be attracted to the idea of Putin and his strong man persona.
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29-06-2020, 23:58   #22
I Am Nobody
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Americans have always thought the Russians,Chinese,Arabs,and Cubans are out to get them.Has been going on since the Cold War.
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30-06-2020, 09:43   #23
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Originally Posted by JohnnyFlash View Post
A lot of incel sorts seem to be attracted to the idea of Putin and his strong man persona.

Including Trump, if John Bolton's new book is to be believed.
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30-06-2020, 10:54   #24
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imme's Avatar
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Politics in after hours, is this allowed today Mods, it wasn't allowed the other day.

Be that as it may, Russia is an arbitrary dictatorship. We shouldn't be surprised what they get up to.

Arbitrary arrest
Intimidation and murder of journalists
Eclusion of any political opposition
Over flights over Irish air space
Salisbury poisonings
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30-06-2020, 10:57   #25
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Join Date: Sep 2015
Posts: 2,075
The US is the greatest threat to World peace, this is just lazy deflection from a horrible country.
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