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17-06-2020, 12:50   #31
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Originally Posted by davo2001 View Post
First day of college in 2002/2003, rep from AIB walks up to me on campus and says I can get a loan of €10,000 if i want. Said i'd no saving and didn't have a job to pay it back.

"no problem she says"

Thank Christ i didn't take it, although i was very tempted.

Madness altogether!
I graduated end 2006 so tbh i kind of missed out on the whole thing work wise- the economy was on the verge of collapsing then so never saw a big benefit from the Celtic Tiger (the opposite in fact as I lost my PS FT contract in the coming years of reccession).
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17-06-2020, 12:55   #32
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Neighbour bought a helicopter and had a pad in his back garden. Annoying and you never knew when it was safe to toss off in your own gaff before you'd be interrupted by the sound of rotors and worry about being seen through the bedroom window.
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17-06-2020, 13:04   #33
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There was a certain bank giving out €800 loans to students interest free back in 2005/6.

Crazy stuff, lads used it to get through RAG week.
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17-06-2020, 13:08   #34
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Originally Posted by El_Duderino 09 View Post
There have been some great threads a out Celtic Tiger stories.

Some real classics like a bloke going to cinema on his own buying 3 seats so he'd have free seats beside him.

Or my favourite was a lass who said his uncle gave him €50 to mind her counsins while the uncle went to the toilet.

Some people just don't know what to do with money except spend it right now.
That'll be coming back soon when cinema's reopen..
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17-06-2020, 13:25   #35
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A relative made several million selling his farmland for housing developments and didn't put the proceeds into bank shares. The houses were built and the development completed and it is fairly nice. But I also know of people who made big money selling land just before the crash, the developments never happened or became half finished ghost estates. The land may have been bought back later for a relative pitttance.

I could have made a few million myself from selling property for development if circumstances had been slightly different.

Leaving aside talk of making millions, I remember radio ads for property in Kusadasi. Then there was a terrorist bombing there in about 2005 which got a lot of publicity The radio ads for the development continued but now it was being described as "the Aegean coast"
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17-06-2020, 13:34   #36
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I lived it up.. I was out 4/5 nights a week consistently, making decent cash through work plus another avenue . Be it pub, cinema, cinema and pints, gig and pints whatever I was having a good time although burning the candle at both ends a bit.. I was driving a nice car, two foreign holidays a year, interspersed with weekends away for football in Manchester, London to see a band, Kilkenny for the Roots festival.

I just enjoyed myself. Nothing really that involved ‘excess’ per say just being able to enjoy life, and I did for sure.

In the intervening years I’ve been curtailed a little by a medical issue but that’s thankfully 90% sorted and rehabilitation successful with 100% the aim...

Hopefully that ‘might’ tie in with covid being and having less of a chokehold on us all and a normal life again.
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17-06-2020, 13:36   #37
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I was in college during the boom and all I saw was the sandwiches were gone up another 50 cent every term. A lecturer in 2006 or 7 told the class to drop out of electronic engineering and become plumbers.

Nobody in my family had anything to do with the Irish property market so never got to see any of the real madness apart from Cork City being much busier for nights out. I did go on 2 trips to Korea for the craic in 06 but it wasn't funded by building boom money

The recessionary years were much better for me than the ones before it

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17-06-2020, 13:37   #38
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I found out what a Tracker Mortgage was and I still have it
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17-06-2020, 14:04   #39
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Went for and got a business loan in 2005, the guy in the bank lost interest when I only wanted 100k, tried to convince me to take 250k and 'do the job right'. (And help his commission!)
Was putting up part of the farm as collateral and would be shot if it went sour so I stuck with the 100k thankfully!
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17-06-2020, 14:46   #40
Sunny Disposition
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Knew a property developer who can barely drive a car but he bought a helicopter and tried to learn to fly it. He lost it along with a lot else when the economy turned.
The competition among some of the builders on this side of the country was pretty stupid and quite funny if you didn't buy into it. We'd have conventions and social events and things like that and the big talk was hilarious.
If one started a project building 120 houses everyone else would want to build 130. Fellas bought new cars and rivals would respond with helicopters. Holidays were an odd one, everyone wanted to go somewhere exotic but you didn't want to give the impression your company could do without you for any length. In the summers a lot of them were going for dinner and pints at a certain exclusive golf club every night but then others started going to London and Berline for weekends and doing cocaine.
Unsurprisingly the more competitive and less intelligent guys did lose their very fleeting wealth. Lot of bad health and very hard lessons learned.
I got out of construction altogether for a spell shortly before the top of the market, best move I made, but for a fella with a bit of experience of earlier booms it was fairly clear it was going to end in tears. The problem was Ireland didn't have the history that the UK would have had. I don't think the country as a whole would be caught as badly again, there is a folk memory of boom/bust now.
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17-06-2020, 15:07   #41
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Originally Posted by CrankyHaus View Post
Neighbour bought a helicopter and had a pad in his back garden. Annoying and you never knew when it was safe to toss off in your own gaff before you'd be interrupted by the sound of rotors and worry about being seen through the bedroom window.
Helicopters! Jesus I hardly ever see one these days apart from the odd army or state ones.
Have private users really died a death? Lived in a rural area during the tiger era and several would pass each day.
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17-06-2020, 15:18   #42
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I used to put wads of cash in my shoes to give me an extra 2 inches in height.
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17-06-2020, 17:25   #43
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Shopping trips to New York was another one.
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17-06-2020, 17:27   #44
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Originally Posted by whisky_galore View Post
Shopping trips to New York was another one.
As was holiday homes in Bulgaria
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17-06-2020, 20:55   #45
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Attended a meeting one day and was told before it that we were meeting an up and ckming developer. After the meeting i remarked that the developer wouldnt know kne end of a shovel from the other and i got an awful bollicking for saying so. 2 years later developer was in nama

Got a letter from friends first to say i was pre approved for €20k loan. All i had to do was send through payslips. Applied for€10k and got cheque frkm them in the post in three days, couldn't believe it.

I remember working in an accountant office and they used to prepare letters of service ability for bank of Scotland. Basically it says that the accountant believed the mortgage applicant could make the repayments anx there was no comeback on the accountant . He was charging €300 to €500 a pop for each signature. Some of the people getting loans were repaying €5k a month interest only and i often wonder how they ended up

Have a relation sold a field for over a million to a developer in small village. Developer went bust and they bought it back off back for fraction of price they got for it.
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