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31-03-2020, 13:48   #31
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Originally Posted by og2k7 View Post
DHL - we had some kids medicines ordered online - we were on xxx Avenue, dropped it off to xxx Road and put it into a random Recycling Bin (not making this up) so it wouldn't be lifted (as they were worried it would be stolen!). Was 2 kms away from our address and I was at work. I had to ring them and force them to pick it up and deliver it to the correct address. Initially customer service advised me to go and pick it up and didnt see any issues with me going through someones bin!!!

Other time it took me a day to investigate where they left the package as the driver "had many packages" delivered to the same address, so they just left it there.

Generally all courier services are weak - on that note never had any issues with AnPost
Got a few things delivered from Amazon with an post recently and they are excellent. They text you before with a link to make any changes. In my local lidi they have installed parcel lockers
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31-03-2020, 13:53   #32
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Two weeks ago our An Post delivery was signed for by the driver himself and left outside the office building, no call or buzzer to say he had been. Have met a few angry DHL drivers when you tell them they are at the wrong building and we can't accept their parcels.
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31-03-2020, 14:01   #33
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Sky Tv
Ulster Bank

Zero customer service just reading off a script
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31-03-2020, 14:09   #34
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Three .

I often thought they do it on purpose.
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31-03-2020, 14:10   #35
Poor Uncle Tom
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Just because yis are not getting out doesn't me yis can't open a window and get some fresh air, too much venting by the computer is not good for ye.
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31-03-2020, 14:13   #36
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Originally Posted by Deebles McBeebles View Post
In my experience it has to be a tie between Vodafone and AES. Both are absolutely f*cking shocking.
Originally Posted by SeaFields View Post
Vodafone. Hands down useless if you have a problem. You want a new contract or anything they are fantastic to deal with. Typical.
Vodafone definitely. Broadband was constantly failing after I signed up last summer. After 2 months, it went dead permanently. Numerous calls, but they were unable to fix so was cancelled.

This has lead to constant barrage of threatening phone calls, emails and text messages ever since as they continue to charge for the broadband (billing department were never informed!). They ignore and/or lose any text messages/emails I send and every phone call means starting the conversation from scratch, being passed from team to team, none of whom can see any history of the issue, desire/power to resolve the situation, just simply say that this has nothing to do with their team and pass you on to another team for a "wash, rinse, repeat".

As an organisation, it really needs to be put down...
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31-03-2020, 14:14   #37
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Originally Posted by Poor Uncle Tom View Post

Just because yis are not getting out doesn't me yis can't open a window and get some fresh air, too much venting by the computer is not good for ye.
Did someone mention Eir?
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31-03-2020, 14:15   #38
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Originally Posted by corner of hells View Post
Allianz insurance, breakdown recovery doesn't actually mean breakdown recovery.
In what way? I've Allianz and would dread to think that if the worst happened, their breakdown assist would be useless.

Anyway, like others, eir have to be up there as one of the worst. Until more recently, I'd have UPS up there as they were always garbage but seem to have improved (locally at least) since taking over Nightline.
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31-03-2020, 14:17   #39
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As far as couriers go An Post... Get a text to say I want in...We've left it at the local post office... Not there... Go to collection dept... Not there .. postal ping pong... Umpteen phone calls... Neighbor drops it in day later.

DPD are great though.
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31-03-2020, 14:18   #40
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Originally Posted by Tea Shock View Post
NTL/Chorus/UPC - whatever you want to call them
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31-03-2020, 14:19   #41
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Originally Posted by Dr. Colossus View Post

They changed hands so many times they are unrecognisable from our former Irish telecoms state company. They're now just another reseller with a call centre owned by god-knows-who trying to squeeze the last 3 cents out of that former reputation and whatever else they think they can squeeze something out of. You actually get a nobody-gives-a-sh1t vibe off them when dealing with them.

And I'm not just saying that because its the thing to say. I've been with them for 2 years and all is grand if all works well, but if you have anything out of the ordinary you're in trouble.

I'm gone now and I actually have 1 cent credit with them due to some payment something. I assume I will be getting statements from them over that 1 cent til the day I die, probably past that too. (Although as an IT guy that one I can almost sympathise with)

The girlfriend is the same. She used to have her mobile with them for a while. She doesn't have a credit but gets statements anyway. 7.82 in and 7.82 out. Every month. Must have been that last payment or something. If their billing system does that you wonder what else it does...
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31-03-2020, 14:23   #42
The Nal
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Originally Posted by Tea Shock View Post
NTL/Chorus/UPC - whatever you want to call them
Is correct. Amazing they stayed in business for as long as they did.

Buy IT Direct are right up there. Worth reading through their Google reviews for a laugh.
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31-03-2020, 14:24   #43
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They 'ungraded' My3 in October and now I can't
see my bills or pay them online. When I asked when it would be fixed they never responded.
Asked to be changed to paper billing and that never happened either.

They are well aware that 1000's can't access their online account but don't care.

They'd care if we all similarly 'upgraded' our payments.

Last edited by hoodie6029; 31-03-2020 at 14:48.
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31-03-2020, 14:32   #44
danger mouse
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Three network

Irish van rentals


Garbage companies with some of the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. Actually Ireland is usually pretty bad for customer service.
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31-03-2020, 14:32   #45
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+1 For Vodafone.

Had an old copper line broadband connection. Slow, unreliable and just about able to tolerate it if working from home.
Then the Vodafone router failed... the WiFi went on it.
I was told since I was 12 months through my 18 month contract that it was "my router" and they would charge me to replace it, or I could sign another contract with them.
I went with option 3, used it as a cable modem and plugged my own Wifi router in.

Bought a 2TB NAS hard drive from them, it was dead on arrival.
They only refunded me the price of the drive, not the delivery.
So a public post on their Facebook page corrected that.

And a car dealership in Rush, North Dublin.
Had a deposit on a car, but they then sold it that week, completely ignored requests to give me the VIN number and flat out lied that they hadn't sold it to my face when I could see the transaction online.

Ulster Bank.... from the ridiculous I.T. failure fiasco, terrible communications with a loan application and introducing more and more banking charges.
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