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05-10-2018, 18:00   #1
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Cut children's allowance after 3 kids

Cut children's allowance after 3 kids.
Any more it's your choice, like Sky Sports.
It encourages people who shouldn't have more, and those who really can't afford more, to have more.

Allowance for 9th kid? Crazy. We'd see a little more restraint and more room in Garda Station waiting rooms if it was stopped.
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05-10-2018, 18:04   #2
Harry Palmr
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Should be cut after two, a refill is enough.
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05-10-2018, 18:12   #3
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Should be after 2
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05-10-2018, 18:21   #4
Hector Bellend
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Who gets to draw the line?

Where does the line get drawn?

If people had two brain cells that worked together they wouldnt have kids they couldnt raise.
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05-10-2018, 18:25   #5
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With "Professionals" putting off having children until later life and then having only 1 or 2, where do you think the future generations are going to come from to pay for your free bus pass, medical card and state pension?
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05-10-2018, 18:26   #6
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I agree with this proposal entirely but it would be impossible to bring in
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05-10-2018, 18:31   #7
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Originally Posted by PirateShampoo View Post
With "Professionals" putting off having children until later life and then having only 1 or 2, where do you think the future generations are going to come from to pay for your free bus pass, medical card and state pension?
Nowhere - welfare kids generally become welfare adults!

We need to completely restructure our whole social welfare program so it helps people to help themselves and not just encourage to become completely dependent on it for life.

Any adult not able to even independently look after themselves financially should not be bringing children into this world.
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05-10-2018, 19:13   #8
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Make people apply for a license to have kids then do a pre kids course then be monitered and IQ tested also made to outline the path they intend to lay out for the child and what education they intend to provide.

After all that they might think twice & anyone who does not comply then their offspring be automatically sent for adoption to parents who can then have a child without all the IVF torture and raise a good decent human being !! SIMPLE ......
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05-10-2018, 19:18   #9
Irish Praetorian
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Four seems more reasonable, especially given the tendency of so many people these days not to marry and not to have children. Might also be an idea to express provision to families in the form of tax credits, so if you earn nothing and survive on government handouts you won't do so well, but if you're in a full time employment then happy days are here to stay.
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05-10-2018, 19:19   #10
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All these threads laying into those on welfare is not consistent with the fact that the bulk of this country is actually sucking on the tit of the State whether you believe it or not. Is it just you guys don't know it?
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05-10-2018, 19:21   #11
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Hello China.
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05-10-2018, 19:22   #12
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Link CB to gross family income, the higher the income the higher the CB.

Encourage high earners to have more future high earners.
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05-10-2018, 19:22   #13
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Do you really think people have kids for the sake of €35 a week ?
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05-10-2018, 19:23   #14
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Is this law suggested to avoid another generation of the Corrs?
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05-10-2018, 19:27   #15
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We need more kids not less. More children mean more tax payers to keep this kip going . Increase the children's allowance x10.
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