Does anyone have one of these controllers?

I recently purchased one from eBay for about a tenner. Despite all the positive reviews, I was still skeptical; however, I have to say it *is* tiny and it *is* surprisingly comfortable & responsive. I don't have a huge amount of time for retrogaming and have always had emulators installed on my phones throughout the years. It's the pick-up-and-play style arcade games of the early 90s (and also some SNES era games) that I'd be most interested in... They're all just crap with touch controls.

This controller has allowed me to play games for a couple of minutes at a time rather than having to be in front of a TV

One thing I wish I did have was a decent case for it. I'm not convinced how well it "fits on a keyring" unless you're the head janitor for a 10,000 pupil boarding school but I would throw it in my pocket if I had a small case for it...