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12-03-2018, 19:30   #1
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Cold: Snow/Ice - Sat 17th March Onward - READ MOD NOTE POST #1


This is a busy thread and as a result the Mod Team will be taking a zero Tolerance approach to trolling, flaming and personal abuse.

Don’t say you weren’t warned!!

And please don’t feed Trolls- report & let the Mod team deal with Troublesome Posters rather than further derailing threads.


Yellow warning issued from Met Eireann


Weather Advisory for Leinster, Cavan and Monaghan
Advance warning for cold weather this weekend with low-temperatures, snow-showers, snow-accumulation mainly Saturday night and Sunday.

Issued:Friday 16 March 2018 09:00
Valid:Friday 16 March 2018 09:03 to Sunday 18 March 2018 23:59

**Forecast UPDATED 15th March**

Turning much colder through Saturday as easterly winds become established across the country overnight Friday.

Increasingly unstable air with heavy snow showers coming on to the east coast through Saturday morning will become more widespread through the afternoon with accumulations of snow by evening.

It will feel increasingly raw through Saturday as temperatures fall and the wind chill increases.

Overnight heavy and frequent snow showers most especially in eastern and southeastern coastal counties but most areas are at risk of some snowfall. Heavy falls likely occasionally with some drifting at times which may lead to much reduced visibility. Some thunderstorm activity is also possible with ice pellets mixed in with snowfall at times. Some temporary blizzard like conditions are possible locally in heavy shower bands.

Snow showers, still heavy, continuing through Sunday. The showers becoming less frequent by Sunday night but still further accumulations in the east.

On Monday snow and hail showers will be lighter and will be dieing out by Monday evening.

Max temperatures on Saturday 1 to 7c (falling quickly by mid-morning). Sunday, -1 to 3c.

Frost and ice will be widespread Saturday and Sunday nights with lows of -1 to -5c both nights. Locally lower where snow has settled.

Amounts of snow likely to be in the 5 - 15 cm range generally but more locally particularly in eastern coastal counties.

Possible warnings: Yellow/Orange

Possible hazards:

* Snow
* Ice
* Frost

Most likely source of disruption at the current time: Snow showers

Areas most at risk: Leinster/Munster


Please keep an eye on the model thread for lots of technical chat, charts and all sorts of other useful information from great posters!

Farmers, in particular, should consider taking whatever precautions they may need to take given the time of year on a "just in case" basis.

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Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in.
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12-03-2018, 20:15   #5
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"Relax ya self Pwin it's still in FI..!!!

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12-03-2018, 20:17   #7
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Originally Posted by Pwindedd View Post

"Relax ya self Pwin it's still in FI..!!!

Tis not in FI, FI is +120, the start of this is within the reliable range.
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12-03-2018, 20:19   #8
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What is FI? I've seen it in the tech thread, the beast thread and a few spots and I've no idea what it means. I've learnt a lot reading yer analysis, but I've no clue what FI is
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12-03-2018, 20:21   #9
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Originally Posted by roosterman71 View Post
What is FI? I've seen it in the tech thread, the beast thread and a few spots and I've no idea what it means. I've learnt a lot reading yer analysis, but I've no clue what FI is
'Fantasy Island' aka charts outside of +120hr mark which have a highish chance of completely changing.
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12-03-2018, 20:27   #10
Donegal Storm
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One of the busiest travel weekends of the year and plenty of newborn lambs in the fields around here, no thanks..
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12-03-2018, 20:29   #11
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I blame Putin
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12-03-2018, 20:32   #12
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Here we go again, another emotional hangover lol
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12-03-2018, 20:36   #13
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Originally Posted by JCX BXC View Post
Tis not in FI, FI is +120, the start of this is within the reliable range.
Don't tell me THAT !!!!

(Rocking and whispering...omfg...omfg...omfg)
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12-03-2018, 20:53   #14
fred funk }{
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Sh1t Noooooo...
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There is only one song for this!

All aboard All aboard whoa-oh!!
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