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09-02-2018, 23:02   #1
Father Hernandez
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Liam Miller RIP


Taken far too young
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09-02-2018, 23:05   #2
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Totally numbing.

RIP. 36 is way to young.
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09-02-2018, 23:10   #3
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So sad.

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09-02-2018, 23:16   #4
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Edit: Sadly the reports do seem to be authentic this time. RIP

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09-02-2018, 23:18   #5
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This post has been deleted.
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09-02-2018, 23:18   #6
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Looks to be true tonight.

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09-02-2018, 23:19   #7
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Poor bastard.

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09-02-2018, 23:20   #8
Scorpion Sting
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Originally Posted by shaunr68 View Post
This looks to be a hoax spread through social media.
It looks like it's not a hoax sadly. Desperately sad news, rest in peace Liam.
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09-02-2018, 23:21   #9
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Tam McManusVerified account
I’m afraid it is true that Liam Miller has sadly passed away today. Thoughts are with all his family and friends at this horrendous time. So sad.

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09-02-2018, 23:22   #10
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This post has been deleted.
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09-02-2018, 23:22   #11
Diabhal Beag
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Liam Miller was my age group's what could've been. We were all in primary school and we saw this young Irish midfielder popping up for headers in big Champions League matches for Celtic. We loved him. He signed for United and it was the biggest news ever in our school, this was to be our Keano. He was destined for big things.

Unfortunately he had a bad spell there and rocked up at Sunderland and it just didn't work out for him. Still kept up with what he was at and was gutted to hear he was in very poor health. Lost a few people in the last few years this way and it's never easy knowing any sort of fight is negated by the pain and quick spread of it.

God Bless Liam Miller and my condolences to his family, friends and past colleagues.
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09-02-2018, 23:25   #12
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Jaysus scary ****. Same age as myself.
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09-02-2018, 23:28   #13
Bret Hart
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09-02-2018, 23:29   #14
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Terrible news. Watched him regularly during his time at Cork City and still had that touch of class. RIP.
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09-02-2018, 23:30   #15
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This post has been deleted.
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