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08-01-2018, 17:16   #1
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Burglar sues shop owner after he injured his testicles while robbing the premises.

A shop owner is being sued by a burglar after he injured himself while robbing a premises in Co Cavan.

"On November 13, I got a letter from his solicitor asking me to take all responsibility for the accident. I talked to my solicitor... and he advised me to wait and see.

On Liveline, Joe Duffy said the solicitor letter reads:

"We are satisfied from our instructions that you are responsible for this accident, therefore liable to compensate our client for this personal image loss and damage. We hearby call upon you to admit liability to our client in an open letter within 10 days from the date thereof."
Kevin said that he contacted the solicitor initially as "it didn't make sense".

"They advised me to contact my insurance.

"My solicitor advised me to hand it over to the insurance company because it's impossible to know what will happen. If I don't hand it over to the insurance company because it could end up in court and if it's settled against you I would be held liable. I just have to wait and see what happens next."

I confess, I never understand liability laws like that, he robbed the shop yet he can claim against the guy he robbed? Boggles my mind.
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08-01-2018, 17:20   #2
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If the shop owner has set up traps or done something negligible then yes, he can be sure regardless of how the incident occured.

A big one from years ago was some of the older generation set glass on the top of their walls when building them, came back to bite many of them in the arse.
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08-01-2018, 17:22   #3
Captain Obvious
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The solicitor should be ashamed of themselves.
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08-01-2018, 17:23   #4
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Claim almost certain to fail, as the Occupiers Liability Act imposes a duty of care in respect of visitors only, and the definitions section refers to those on property as of a right...
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08-01-2018, 17:25   #6
Rumpy Pumpy
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What a kick in the bollocks.
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08-01-2018, 17:30   #7
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That's nuts...
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08-01-2018, 17:40   #8
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08-01-2018, 17:42   #9
Hector Bellend
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He has a right pair of stones on him.
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08-01-2018, 17:46   #10
Ulysses Gaze
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He certainly made a balls up of that robbery.
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08-01-2018, 17:47   #11
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Originally Posted by Hector Bellend View Post
He has a right pair of stones on him.
Relevant username

In all fairness though, yer man has some cheek. I hope he gets nothing
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08-01-2018, 17:47   #12
Fiery mutant
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Pity they weren’t torn clean off him. Deserves nothing less.
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08-01-2018, 17:51   #13
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Was he not wearing trousers?
Surely he would also be claiming for ripped trousers.
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08-01-2018, 17:55   #14
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Sounds like a proper odd ball
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08-01-2018, 17:56   #15
Tin Foil Hat
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Originally Posted by gerrybbadd View Post
Relevant username

In all fairness though, yer man has some cheek. I hope he gets nothing
I hope he gets five years.
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