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25-11-2014, 14:13   #1
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Now Ye're Talking - to a Prison Officer

Well, here we go with our first "official" AMA on Boards. I'd like to introduce you all to Omackeral who is an Irish Prison Officer and who has signed up for your questions. I'll leave it to him to share some details about himself.

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25-11-2014, 14:18   #2
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What prison do you work in? (if you can say).

Do you agree with how well murders and criminal in general are treated in prison in this country? ie: TV in rooms, short sentences for horrible crimes etc.
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25-11-2014, 14:19   #3
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Are some prisons like hotels?
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25-11-2014, 14:23   #4
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Has an inmate ever attempted to assault you?
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25-11-2014, 14:25   #5
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Is it possible to join the Prison service without a leaving cert. Are they actively recruiting at the moment
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25-11-2014, 14:25   #6
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Is it true that Heroin is what 'keeps the lid on the place' and as such, the guards tolerate it, turning a blind eye to those smuggling it in?
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25-11-2014, 14:28   #7
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Fran...pool cue... Really?
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25-11-2014, 14:34   #8
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If American TV has thought me anything, a crook can make a shank out of anything in the clink. Is that something that is common in the Irish prison system?
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25-11-2014, 14:34   #9
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How do ye supposedly miss so much stuff smuggled in. Do ye turn a blind eye just to keep the peace
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25-11-2014, 14:35   #10
Triceratops Ballet
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How do you cope with being in such a negative environment day in day out, do you find it takes a toll on your mental health and our general outlook?
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25-11-2014, 14:37   #11
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Do Travellers mix or do they keep to themselves?
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25-11-2014, 14:37   #12
Dental Plan!
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Do you ever get yourself interested in what people have been jailed for - do you ever find yourself thinking that one prisoner may be "less guilty" than another and giving them more favourable treatment, or do you do your best to keep all that at arms length?
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25-11-2014, 14:37   #13
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Do you worry about people getting released who might live in the same town as you/your family?
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25-11-2014, 14:41   #14
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What is required for someone to become a prison officer?
Do you need to have a security background?
Do you need a third level qualification?

What is the salary like?
What are the career prospects like?
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25-11-2014, 14:41   #15
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What time is lunch break
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