We're quite a few in our household, each with their own devices (phones, Windows machine eating Windows updates every patch Tuesday, PS3, Xbox, etc etc) and so we're sometimes going over the 500GB limit that UPC has for their 30Mbit / €88 / month service.

So we found Magnet, they're uncapped, good price for 30mbit too.

Problem: Friend has got magnet 30mbit, but he's only getting around 12mbit and still paying the full price. Every other day or so the connection drops completely for several hours. He's had it for a month now, or 6 weeks. That's why I'm scared to switch... because you have to pay €100 to UPC to have your contract terminated, then wait a while before Magnet gets their gear up in your house etc.

Anyone in the D8 area (close to the Liffey) with magnet?