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20-03-2006, 06:53   #1
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Avatar Superthread

James Cameron confirms that Project 880 is Avatar..
March 1, 2006 –
Filmmaker James Cameron has confirmed that his next Project is indeed a revival of Avatar, a highly ambitious science fiction picture that Cameron has had on the back-burner for years. Cameron told the news to AICN, and confirmed that it's in active development along with another sci-fi project of his, Battle Angel Alita.
Although Avatar/880 has gotten more attention lately, Cameron admitted that he doesn't know yet which of his films he will made first.

Avatar, based on a script treatment Cameron wrote years ago, is the story of an interplanetary war, a love story, and strange aliens that manifest themselves by using humans as their avatars. It sounds like a remarkable departure from anything Hollywood has produced lately, and even Cameron himself described the film to Business Week as "completely crazy, balls-out sci-fi". The director also has plans to tie the film in with a massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

Cameron's other sci-fi project, Battle Angel Alita, he envisions as a "three-year cycle", an epic trilogy. It's based on a Japanese manga series and tells the story of a 14-year-old cyborg in the 26th century.

Since no big names have committed to lead either project, Cameron says he can afford to put off deciding which to do first until the last minute. Whichever he picks, it'll be the first movie to use the new digital 3-D film technology he's been hard at work developing. Cameron, like many in the industry, feel that 3-D is going to have its day soon, and the technology for watching 3-D features at home is ready — simply waiting for the movies to become available. Cameron also intends to take advantage of the faster frame-rates that new digital projectors are capable of; unlike traditional film, which projects 24 frames per second, digital projectors can do 40 fps and faster — speeds that are "absolutely essential" for the fast-paced action scenes he's putting into Avatar and Battle Angel.

In a few months, Cameron expects to know which film to concentrate on. Whichever he chooses, filmgoers can expect an experience they've never had before.
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20-03-2006, 12:04   #2
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Lex_Diamonds's Avatar
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Sounds great, very excited to see what this new 3-D gubbins will be like.
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21-03-2006, 02:35   #3
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Posts: 348
Yep, 3D is the way of the future, it seams to be coming back, with the release of Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 2006 which I know was for kids and I know it was a rubbish film but the 3D was good, but more advanced then that is IMAX technology which is fantastic visually to see… I can only imagine what the future holds… Cameron obviously thinks 3D film is the business.
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21-03-2006, 17:43   #4
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maybe this is the silver lining to Titanic the fact that he made all that money allowed him to plow it into his pet projects which happen to be
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03-05-2009, 20:34   #5
Goodshape's Avatar
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Cinema's for 'Avatar'?

So it's a pile of months away yet (Christmas release date afaik) but any one know what the story is with James Cameron's Avatar and whether any cinema in the country will be able to show it in all it's intended glory?

Or is that 'intended glory' just hyperbole and are you expecting it to play just fine in the average multiplex?

PS. Can't fraking wait for Avatar!
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03-05-2009, 20:35   #6
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I think after all the hype about the film, it simply cannot be watched in a normal Cinema.
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03-05-2009, 20:36   #7
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Originally Posted by abouttobebanned View Post
I think after all the hype about the film, it simply cannot be watched in a normal Cinema.
So what's a non-normal cinema? And have we got any knocking about the country at all?
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03-05-2009, 20:39   #8
Join Date: Aug 2008
Posts: 6,803
Well maybe a "normal" cinema that has a 3D Digital Projector...
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03-05-2009, 21:11   #9
Richard Dower
Richard Dower's Avatar
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The tech being used seems very advanced...i read that Lucas/Speilberg came on set to see the tech in action. Photo realistic SGI characters now a reality?
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03-05-2009, 22:11   #10
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Darko's Avatar
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The Eye cinema in Galway are advertising it on the back of all their flyers in the 3D section. I really hope that they do as otherwise I'll be forced to travel to see it. It's being released on the 18th of December my birthday and I plan on spending it in the company of Mr. Camereon.
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03-05-2009, 22:30   #11
Join Date: Jan 2007
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As far as I know, Cineworld Dublin will be showing this in all its glory in 3D.
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04-05-2009, 11:59   #12
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Dundalk IMC will be showing in 3D
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12-06-2009, 13:55   #13
Join Date: Jul 2008
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AVATAR-The Return of James Cameron

A film that will supposedly "revolutionise cinema", a herald in 3D
the biggest event since the original star wars
people who have seen footage have described its as or "mindblowing ,wow!"
"i had a strange feeling the next day that i had actually visted the locations in the film(in reality)pandora ,earth" was one insiders view of the footage.
biggest thing since the matrix?
and with James Cameron at the helm surely this will be nothing short of a perfectionist work?
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12-06-2009, 16:54   #14
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BopNiblets's Avatar
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Yep, can't wait for it, Cameron spent 2 years making T2, and 4 years making this, gonna be great I think!
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12-06-2009, 17:05   #15
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humanji's Avatar
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I'm looking forward to it, but trying to avoid the hype.
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