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PIGs Investigation: The Oylmpia

Ok so seeing as we can discuss it now we may as well, even though we did it a while back.

Was great to be the first group to get in an tackle this place and despite having read a few stories about the place I was amazed at how much recent activity theres been.

I suppose it was as active or inactive as any other place we've done but it had a crazy atmospher. Heres 2 small videos for now ... excuse the language

Apart from the knocks I personall heard a womans voice behind me while I was on the stage manning the monitors.

Having the place to ourselves for a night was incredible! The place is a maze.
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Nothing Paranormal in this picture .. I just like it

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Man that was a long time ago. I remember it being very noisy through the entire building and quite breezy which made it a pain to investigate but it was good fun and we should probably go back. Personally however I didnt think it was at all active. Fun however.
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[QUOTE=6th;60468934]Was great to be the first group to get in an tackle this

Actually when Drey I interviewed the client she indicated that

A) A paranormal group in the early 80s/late 70s looked into the back service corridor where they keep the bins, they claimed that recessed pipes in the walls accounted for some of the bangs, but not for the messed up bins in the mornings.

B) Some psychic guy looked into reports in the late 80's about a child crying.

a lot of the stories that we looked into were since then though, the man in the bar etc.

I would still like to point out that

There must be 40 screwed open windows in the service corridors some are just broken and bang in the wind,
There is a lot of wind whistling around banging some of the windows and doors and creating cool breezes,
The maintained emergency lighting created some blurry spots on the cctv
The same emergency lighting created bright and dark spots for shadows
The wind + the curtains, they are all over the place curtains on the stage, on the walls etc, so wind curtains light and dark spots = shadows.
There is an array of single and three phase cabling in the place, lots of control and signal cabling on the stage, EMF readings were up and down with items on standby clicking on and off, plus flooding from external sources.
Finally it's in town so with the open windows you do hear an array of things crying, shouts laughing etc.

Once again I was not there when the footsteps were heard, or the banging that Drey and 6th were there for, so I saw or heard nothing out of the ordinary. I found it a very pleasant environment, and the staff have great stories and memories of their own experience.

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Dre as in Dray
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I thought this place was a great place. You do need to take into concideration the fact that it is a theatre and its designed for sound to travel.

I heard footsteps with Monkeyfudge alright . Could they be coming from outside ? probably .

With regards the banging myself and 6th got. It was actually the quietest part of the theatre . There was nothing . We asked for a knock on the door and we got nothing . Then when 6th "provoked" there was a very large knock on the door.

Co-incedence ? it could be . I did ask for it to happen again and we would leave and it did it again so we left.
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03-06-2009, 20:34   #6
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Oooh my mate did a show here recently, and he's an understudy so was probably sitting around backstage a lot.

Must ask him if he noticed/heard anything!!
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I remember going to see a show there
But got acutal goosebumps when walking down the corridor - it was v narrow and uneven floors. Definate athomosphere about the place
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The theatre cleaners have heard a child crying in the empty theatre and interestingly the most haunted part is the top floor "The God's" where an old gent has been seen on numerous times sitting by himself.

On one occasion when I was there I may have seen him, when I arrived i.e. one of the first to go into the "Gods" for a show in the evening, I noticed a shadowy figure on the right side of the theatre, I went to go to the bar, seconds later I thought better of it, turned around to go back to my seat, and yes, he was gone from where he was sitting.

Nope it wasn't the stage lights etc but it was bloody odd!
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Originally Posted by 6th View Post
Nothing Paranormal in this picture .. I just like it

that creeped me out anyway hahaha
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