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02-11-2008, 15:04   #1
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The Photography Year Book 2008 - order now!

Ladies and gentlemen, the so much discussed and awaited book is here!

It is more than two months ago when somebody mentioned, that it would be nice to print a collective book of our photographs. And because it was very good idea, we have started the project of the Photography Year Book 2008.

At the very beginning of our discussion, somebody mentioned that we could raise some money for a charity. And it was even better idea. So, we were talking, typing, reading and talking and we eventually came with simple rules. You can have a picture in the book if you buy at least one copy of the book. And the price of each book will be increased by €5.00 for a charity.

Looking for a charity was very simple. Most of the people on know the Santa Strike Force charity organized by DeVore. I don't have to mention that DeVore was pleased by the opportunity and he also submitted his picture into the book.

And we have the book now. We have decided to use service because of their reliability and quality of prints. And you can order the book on their Internet page now.

The direct link to the book is here:

Preview of the book.

Please, feel free to order the book to have something nice, we have created here on voluntary bases and also to make the Christmas a little nicer for kids that are not so fortunate to have their own Santa.

I would like to thank to all of you, who have survived all the threads discussing details of the book. My big thanks go to DeVore for his support and tolerance. And the biggest thanks go to whyulittle, who put the book together, insisted and insured the best technical details of our files and who kept our spirits high the closer was the deadline.

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02-11-2008, 15:10   #2
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Pictures look excellent in the book.
I didn't feel I was ready skill wise for the book this year but I look forward to next years!
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02-11-2008, 15:11   #3
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Just saw the preview, looks cool! Some awesome photos in there already and I've only seen the first 15 pages.
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02-11-2008, 15:31   #4
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I almost don't want to look at the previews, might wait for the hardcopy!

Good work everyone!
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02-11-2008, 15:35   #5
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Ok, i cracked, those first 15 pictures certainly set the bar! Well worth the money.

The design really looks excellent
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02-11-2008, 15:39   #6
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yay \o/ I'm #2

Looks awesome - Great job guys.
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02-11-2008, 15:44   #7
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Ordered, got a free shipping code as well (I'm in the US and used hpfreeshipping for anyone else). Smashing work from the preview but I expected nothing less. Page 8 whee.

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02-11-2008, 15:44   #8
Milch Es!
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Wohoo! in the first 15 pages. yey

Book Looks fantastic.
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02-11-2008, 15:49   #9
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02-11-2008, 15:51   #10
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Well done everyone, it looks fantastic from the preview. Can't wait until I get my copy.
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02-11-2008, 15:52   #11
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Jesus, 2 months!?!?
Fair play to everyone involved and to the lads who puts this together.
Book looks savage.
Cant wait to get mine
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02-11-2008, 15:53   #12
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I missed the making of this
Are all of these in ireland ? (doubtful sinec there is a shot of the mediterranean)
Are all of these irish photographers ?
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02-11-2008, 15:56   #13
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Is teh SSF donation taken automagically by blurb, or is there another mechanism to make that donation?

Great work guys, preview looks awesome \o/
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02-11-2008, 16:00   #14
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The SSF donation is built into the price.
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02-11-2008, 16:00   #15
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Pictures in the book are from people on, worldwide. Age, race, sex or nationality are unimportant to know and had no role in this project. Well, I hope...

The profit raising is set on Blurb, so whoever orders the book sends €5.00 to SSF.
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