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31-01-2008, 22:03   #1
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Manorfield Garage in Ashbourne

I saw a car that I like in Manorfield garage, and I was just wondering if anybody has ever bought anything from here, and wanted to know about their experience, a guy that works with me advised me from getting anything from here, as his brother bought something from there, and the story he told me wasnt a nice one. Anything that could go wrong, went wrong, and he lost 8k on car and on repairs.
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01-09-2008, 00:13   #2
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Hey there I just came across your post and was wondering if you dealt with manorfield garage? We did and have had nothing but trouble.
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01-09-2008, 08:07   #3
Seth Brundle
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@Zenchild - A bold statement like yours that does not provide any details of any issues involved is very misleading.
What happened to your car? What happened when you discussed it with them? What happened when you discussed it with your solicitor? What happened when you took it to the Small Claims Court?
You are a relatively new poster who makes a strong accusation against a company with no foundation. Please avoid that in future.
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02-09-2008, 13:18   #4
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I didn't go into specifics because I wasn't sure that the thread was still active. I don't come on here often so sorry.

We bought a car and before the 3 month warrenty was up I think my husband had travelled up to Ashbourne 3/4 times (we live in the west). i'm not very knowledgable about cars so I'm not sure of the details in the beginning. A light on the dash came on and it turned out to be the catalytic converter. We were going away for a few weeks so they said they'd sort it while we were away. Also the breaks had been squeaking since we bought it so they said they'd sort them too. We thought great, at least they're being helpful. When we got back the breaks were not fixed but the catalytic converter seemed to be fixed. Not long after we started to hear a rattle. It turned out that the part had fallen apart. Apparently this can happen. Just bad luck and a faulty part. So we brought it back again. Husband said about the brakes. He was getting frustrated at this point (understandably as each time is a day off, travel costs etc) so he said just replace the brakes, discs (I don't know if they're the same but replace everything that needed replacing) and he'd just pay for it. (even though the problem obviouly had existed when we got the car so I Think it should have been under warrenty)
So husband went to get car. Man told him what they'd done and what it cost. Husband asked for receipts. Man say's I don't have any. Husband say's I'll pay you when you give me a receipt. Things almost came to blows. Husband took car and brought it to a garage at home. They said the brakes hadn't been touched (So they tried to con us out of money for work not done) and the 'catalytic converter' was the worst hack job he'd ever seen. They took two seperate converters from two totally different cars and welded them together, badly and stuck it in. They outsourced this work so lay the blame on someone else.
Husband was extremely frustrated and angry. He gave them the option to take car back and give money back. They said no. Now we have to sue.

I know this seems long winded but it's just the synopsised version. I'm sure I've left stuff out and maybe confused some details but that is the general gist of events. They were very shady anytime we dealt with them after we bought the car and never rang back when they said they would. Oh, apparently it was a young guy who was supposed to do the brakes and he must have stole the parts.. he was fired.... I don't believe it for a second. They had an answer for everything (eventually and only when caught out) but no proof for anything. We reported them to some quality board but as far as I know there is no official org??? I think these people are investigating them so hopefully something will come of it.

I wouldn't badmouth anyone lightly but I know the frustrations we went through and we have a young baby so the extra finantial strain hurts us quite a bit on top of everything else. I only hope to save someone else the bother.

I hope this makes sense.
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02-09-2008, 20:44   #5
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Hi Zenchild, am sorry to hear about your troubles. I bought a car there and had pretty much similar trouble to yourself. Just for the record I do have paperwork to back up my evidence. But I lost a couple of grand on the car. The meachanics there are either usless, or never went near the car every time I brought it back. It was so hearbreaking with what happened, but I have learned from it, and I will never in a million years ever go back to a second hand dealers again.
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02-09-2008, 20:52   #6
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I went to see a car their a few months back and it was being prepped as it had just been sold luckily for me...
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