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29-03-2009, 23:12   #76
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I'm not really arsed going into specifics, but meh...

Course: History in TCD

Points: When I applied you needed 450, think its down from that now.

Course Overview: First of all you need to really love what your doing. In first and second year its easy to blag a pass with just a rudimentary knowledge of what your doing but I'd reccomend picking up a few good books and reading them through the year. 3rd and 4th year involves a lot of reading. Luckily I do this on my accord and don't particularly mind. First and second year I was a bit childish and did very little reading. Very ignorant on historical writing really, relied on Wikipedia. I'm in 3rd year now. Once you really begin to tackle the major historians in the fields you are studying everything falls into place unlike you might ever have thought before. Essays aren't particularly difficult though it took me a while to really get the knack of analysis. I used to toss around with narrative. Again, this was due to a chronic lack of reading but you do get the hang of it pretty soon.

I guess my top tip is to read, read, read. When you think you've read enough, read more. Its really as simple as that in history.

Personal mark: Since I love history, I love history. Its really the only way to gauge it. Very few stick it out in Trinity since most do it as part of a joint degree with another discipline. I did single honour history from the start. My only bit of advice is not to do history unless you are interested in the past. If your not, go to UCD Arts and try to figure yourself out!
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06-04-2009, 14:49   #77
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Equine sciene in UL pm me if you want information.
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10-04-2009, 13:52   #78
rebel girl 15
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Sports studies and physical education in UCC - PM for detail.

Excellent course
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15-04-2009, 17:33   #79
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DT559 - Photography, DIT.

Points are based on Leaving Certificate and portfolio so not to worry if you haven't done too well in the LC, make up for it with an excellent portfolio!

PM me if you wana know more
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15-04-2009, 22:19   #80
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im studying a single honours economics degree in the university of ulster
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28-04-2009, 21:08   #81
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Studing Computer Applications in DCU (DC121 iirc)
Feel free to pm with any questions relating to the course, college, or accommodation
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29-04-2009, 21:26   #82
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Civil Engineering in NUIG

i did the Undenominated Engineering course in 1st year, it was a fairly packed week as u cover parts of all the schools of engineering, (Civil, Electronic, Mechanical, Industrial) then at the end of 1st year you choose what engineering course you wanted, (Civil, Mechanical, Electronic, Industrial, Environmental, Electronic and Computing and Bio-Medical, think thats them all...) pm me for more info
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15-05-2009, 21:38   #83
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B.ED in Mary I

Im in first year!
Mary I is fantastic. Points were 475 last year.
Theres 501 of us in the course and we are split into 8 groups - about 60 in each group. The college is fairly small so its fairly easy to make friends.
Course can be very intense and there can be lots to do with assignments, projects etc but its still great fun!
Lectures are usually 45 mins long. We do all the education subjects -teaching of... english irish maths sese (science geography history) sphe music drama art p.e. and then 3 academic subjects one of which is irish - you can choose from others such as maths english philosophy history geography etc. (check out the
workload can be very heavy at times but overall is manageable.
need to know anything else p.m. me!
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19-05-2009, 00:24   #84
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Arts: UCC

English and history: pm about any questions about it!!
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22-05-2009, 19:33   #85
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Midwifery in TCD

Hi Laura,
Im doing Midwifery in TCD, im in 2nd year now. What do u need to know
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27-05-2009, 13:09   #86
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Early Childhood Studies UCC

amazing course! deals alot with psychology,child health,social policy and studies and education in the first year.
Child health is divided up into 3 classes - paediatric nutrition, illness and accident prevention and growth and development.
Education - history,psychology of instruction,curriculum, and you have workshops up in st vincents school once a month dealing with the children
Psychology - psychology in context,human developmental psychology,social psychology and psychology for ecs. Psychology is a huge part of early childhood so you'd really need to like it!!
Social Policy & Society - only one class a week for 2 hours and a tutorial every week deals with obviously social policies...aswell as the famine and the industrial school...basically irish history and policies!!
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30-05-2009, 22:01   #87
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Commerce- UCC

I've just completed 2 years of my degree and absolutely love it.
4 year degree. The points have been 445 the last two years.

Subjects covered in first year include: law, government, business maths and statistics, management, marketing, food business, management information systems, market economy and financial accounting.
First year is very much exam orientated, most continuous assesment are exams with the exception of statistics, management and marketing where there are projects. Law is the only 100% end of year exam

Subjects covered in second year: People and organisations, consumer behaviour, market research, enterprise planning and processes, written and oral communication, Business system analysis and design, management accounting and economics of enterprise.
The following subjects are optional, students can pick any 1 of the following 3:
1) Law (worth 10 credits) 100% end of year exam
2) 2 government modules (worth 5 credits each) essays and presentation for continuous assesment and end of year exams
3) Statistics and Maths (5 credits each) continuous assesment are tests and project i think and end of year exams
Second year there is more continuous assesment. Consumer behaviour, market research and enterprise all involve group projects.
People and organisations has an essay and case studies.
Written and oral communication which is basically english involves in class tests, reports and giving presentations with a percentage of final grade for attendance and in class contribution

Going in to third year. You have 3 options:
1) Pick major field of study and minors and do half year of college and 6 months work experience
2) Pick major field of studyand minors and do half year of college and 6 months reseach project
3) Do 3rd year in college in America or Canada. (which i am going to do!)

Dont know much about fourth year. Will worry about that when i get to it!

If you have any queries about the course, subjects, UCC in general feel free to PM me

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06-06-2009, 02:28   #88
David McArdle
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Just want to point out, that for the academic year of 2009/2010, the Arts structure in UCD is changing.
Students register for 4 semesters now instead of 2. Basically 120 credits instead of 60!
So students are able to do 3rd year modules in 2nd year if they wish!
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06-06-2009, 18:40   #89
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Creative Digital Media -ITT Dublin


I study a course called Creative Digital Media - in ITT Dublin aka. The Institute of Technology, Tallaght.

The course used to be called Audio Visual Media, but was updated to CDM last year.

Basically, the course surrounds the whole media area - TV production (creating your own shows, producing material, editing), Radio (writing and producing radio shows on your own, in teams, taking part in the college's ITTfm radio weeks in Freshers' Week and RAG Week), Photography (using both 35mm film and digital cameras to complete briefs such as "Sense of Place" and Portrait projects), Multimedia (learning to use Adobe CS3/4 programmes such as Illustrator, Flash, Photoshop)and more theoretical aspects of the media like media politics, media studies, film studies.

The course is continuous assessment, meaning that students have assignments during the year which make up their / part of their final grade. Ie. In photography, there is no exam - just projects and workbooks which make up your end of semester / year mark.
In other subjects such as Media Politics, you have one assignment during the year which is worth 30% and an exam at the end of the semester worth 70%.

On average, CDM students have two exams per semester.

As you advance in the course, it becomes more specialised. In first year, you choose to study a language ; French or German or a subject called Audio-Visual Technology, which covers material such as sound waves. At the end of second year, you chose to study either Audio or Photography for your third and / or fourth year. Then in fourth year, you decide between Multimedia and TV.

At the end of third year, you receive and Ordinary Level Degree, and if you stay on to complete fourth year, you receive a Higher Level Degree.

In third year, you are required to write a thesis and in fourth year, you have a dissertation.

I would recommend this course to anyone with an interest in the media. The course is quite broad, so if you're not sure which area of the media you'd potentially like to work in, you might like this course as it will help you to find out your particular interests and likes.

If anyone would like any additional information, you can PM me.
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24-06-2009, 19:49   #90
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There was a post about my course earlier but the person didnt seem to like it, so heres a positive view!

Course: General Nursing in DCU

Not sure of the points, but as far as I know theyve been dropping every year.

I did an art portfolio course, and hated it, so then just put down nursing because its a job that you can travel with and go everywhere with.
Now I absolutley love the course.

In first year you do a totaly of 6 weeks placement. A 2 week orientation placement, then another month. You can either go to Beaumount hospital or Blanchardstown Hospital, I chose Blanchardstown as its close to me.

Some modules are very very interesting, however some of them are quite dull and boring. But Its prolly just for the whole "well rounded degree" thing.

Just a warning to anyone thats going to do any sort of nursing, you gotta be tough skinned. Everyone gets squemish, but you have to be able to block things out. You could be really unlucky and have to help out with a patient who has died, and the other nurses won't care if its youre first day on placement or not. Thats the only reason Ive heard of people dropping out for, they just couldnt handle it.

Other than that, its such a satisfying course. Its nice to do something that actually makes a difference, get training in the clinical setting along with getting your degree.

Originally Posted by poisonated View Post
just to add...I might be wrong here as I dont do the sorry if it is off topic but...might it be useful to work for a while as a nurses aide to get an idea of the type of work nurses really do?
Oh definitley, if youve worked as a Health care assistant or a nurses aid before hand youll have a head start, and youll have an idea of what nurses do.

Id never worked in a health care setting before doing this course, so I felt a bit like a deer in the headlights on the first placement, whereas other people in my who had previous experience were much more at ease.

So yes, it would be very useful!

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