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28-08-2006, 01:05   #1
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Useful Leaving Cert Threads, Links and Websites

Here's a first draught of links. If you have anymore, feel free to post away. Thanks to anyone who contributed .

Useful Leaving Cert Threads:

Charter For Forum (Read this!)

Irish Phrases

Debs- Places To Go And Your Pictures

Open Days- All Of Them

If I've failed Maths does that mean I have to repeat?

Second-Hand Books For Sale (Adverts Links)

Useful Leaving Cert Links and Websites:

Leaving Cert Info.Courses etc:

Wikipedia's entry on the LC
Central Applications Office
UCAS, the UK's CAO
Database of the country's third level courses
Exam Papers etc
Applied Leaving Cert Program

General and User run:

Very good LC Wiki run by failsafe - lots of general resources
All Honours - Leaving cert & Junior Cert Q&A. - Forum, Articles etc
LC Blog/Forum - Resources, Videos, Tips etc. (From our very own Smemon )
RevisionWorld- Exam Tips And Advice
Revision Notes, Study Guides and Revision Resources


Grants / Misc

Government Student Finance Site
Union of secondary school students


Info On Courses You Can Do In Tourism


Gaeltalk- Help with learning Gaeilge
English-Irish Dictionary
English-Irish Dictionary
Irish Forums, Grammar, Phrases etc.


Link To French Newspaper Site- Le Monde
Radio France Site
News in Slow French (with vocabulary notes)
Common and very useful French phrases.
Useful French idioms


German Dictionary
Site With Lots Of German Language Links
German Study Tips
German Site
German Dictionary
German Grammar explanations
List of frequent German words
German tutorials in order of difficulty
German oral notes
Grammar reference PDF


Notes On Stalin

Ag Science:

Farmers Journal Site


Not so sure about this one! Apparently has good essays if you want to learn them off.
Good for essays etc.
LC English resources
Allhonours LC notes
Suggestions for how to do well in the LC English Exam along with some notes
Site on Brian Friel
Notes on Othello
Site an Sylvia Plath

LC Poetry Poems On Youtube:

W.B. Yeats - Byzantium


Notes on the Further Geometry Option
Exam Question Solutions
General Maths/Physics/Applied Maths Notes


LC Physics
Physics Experminets/Applied Maths Notes
Physics Notes
General Maths/Physics/Applied Maths Notes
Physics Notes/Videos etc.
Great Physics Notes


Chemistry Notes (GCSE Level)


Biology Notes
More Biology Notes
Even more Biology notes!
Great Biology Site (Has Animations of cycles and processes, split into chapters on the main page.)


For those doing Music, here's some great stuff for Seachanges


Business Activities/Notes

Applied Maths:

Physics Experminets/Applied Maths Notes
General Maths/Physics/Applied Maths Notes
Great Applied Maths Notes
More Notes On Applied Maths


Good site for French, German, Italian and Spanish revision. (A little easy for higher level LC students, but some of the verb excercises are good and here's handy vocab on topics like the environment.)

For People Interested In Medicine:

Information About The HPAT- Ireland Test
0mega's useful guide on applying for medicine in the UK

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29-06-2009, 20:35   #2
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This post has been deleted.
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19-09-2009, 00:58   #3
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Our school business website got recommended here too so take a look at it for information on business/economics

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18-10-2009, 16:14   #4
Gavin "shels"
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Irish Sliochts:
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28-11-2009, 21:55   #5
rebel girl 15
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Originally Posted by ryanf1 View Post Brilliant, especially for higher level
beat me to posting it! should have come straight here after posting it the original thread! Taking credit for someone elses hours of trawlling the internet, tut tut! - Shakespeare notes has the prois and poetry summarised in simple enough Irish. has the poems in short simple Irish as well.
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01-04-2010, 00:50   #6
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I dunno if you've got this one but is good one for physics and applied maths. (and jc science) it has Podcasts too
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10-05-2010, 16:17   #7
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construction studies has a useful handout on calculating u-values...
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03-10-2010, 17:31   #8
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Chemistry quizzes for all!
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06-11-2010, 22:20   #9
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Thought these were brilliant:

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14-01-2011, 19:35   #10
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Good website for Leaving Cert English:
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17-04-2011, 21:08   #11
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new english website

I found this through a friend of a friend, it's new for leaving cert english, great for paper 1
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15-04-2012, 12:34   #13
Mr Teacha
Registered User
Join Date: Dec 2011
Posts: 5 a new free study website

Hi All,

I thought all the leaving cert students out there might be interested in a new website that I have made

The site is completely free to use and has lots of stuff to help make your exams easier such as

- all past exam questions split into topics with the marking scheme for each question

- Videos and links to help you study each topic

I only launched the site last week so it is not perfect yet! I would love to get any feedback on what you guys think of it and if you have any ideas of how I could improve it I'll do my best.

Good luck in the study!

Mr. Teacha
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15-05-2012, 20:51   #14
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I'm constantly mixing up and forgetting my prepositional pronouns in Irish, so this may be helpful to anyone else in the same boat:
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20-05-2012, 22:19   #15
Jolly Red Giant
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Some sample history essays have been added to this website -
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