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17-10-2020, 21:07   #16
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As a woman I know in Limerick says

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17-10-2020, 21:08   #17
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A total non believer here also but wouldn't in the slightest get offended by that at all.
Don't give it a second thought OP, yer man complaining says more about him than you.
Don't say it to him again obviously but don't let a dope like that get to you.
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17-10-2020, 21:09   #18
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If this a sign of things to come, it won't be long before some crowd starts campaigning for 'religious consent' classes.

Most normal people can tell the difference where something is meant to be offensive or not and deal with it accordingly. Completely over the top bull**** imo.
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17-10-2020, 21:09   #19
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I'd say you could easily defend it as a cultural trait and nothing anyone should be offended by

I'd challenge any warning given tbh

Atheist, btw
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17-10-2020, 21:10   #20
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I don't believe this happened tbh. But sure it makes another after Hours thread.
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17-10-2020, 21:14   #21
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Any chance your colleague is happy to work through the Christian holidays ?...or does the person want the holidays but doesn’t approve of the religion !!
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17-10-2020, 21:14   #22
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Sneeze around him and if he says “bless you” then bring him up for it.
Play the long game.
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17-10-2020, 21:15   #23
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If you happened to be speaking in Irish you'd be starting the conversation with "God be with you"
There's no getting out of that.
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17-10-2020, 21:16   #24
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Demand in return they stop saying "goodbye" given it is derived from "God be with you!" and say you want Thursday off work because it is Thorsday and you are so offended to have to be held to ancient theistic norms.

Or go the total opposite direction and tell him to go watch Neil DeGrasse Tyson talk about the phrase "God speed". That should shake him out of his idiocy.
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17-10-2020, 21:16   #25
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I'm an atheist that wouldn't bother me one bit, ive said some far weirder attempting to be nice goodbye **** to people, words that have no meaning level ****.

I'd avoid the offended guy like a plague if I were you, or if you do have to deal with him say goodbye with Satan Curse instead. Complaining to the boss, thats like a bag of packet of eaten Maltesers level of energy expelled, that's a waste of Maltesers.
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17-10-2020, 21:17   #26
corner of hells
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Make a voodoo doll of him and stick a few pins in it , see how he likes it then.
Maybe sacrifice a goat or something on his desk.
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17-10-2020, 21:18   #27
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what would Jesus do
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17-10-2020, 21:20   #28
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At work we all just randomly give each other the middle finger or insult each other non stop so saying "god bless" wouldnt even scratch the surface of the offensive scale. Thankfully we don't have a hr department
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17-10-2020, 21:21   #29
A kick in the gulags
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<<mod snip>>

Well as a non-angry atheist I'd say that that guy sounds like a right knob who needs to cop onto himself. Unfortunately there are people on both sides of the religious divide who give their own sides a bad name through their antics, and this guy is clearly one of them. No sense in you getting into trouble over it OP, so I'd just say that you should make a conscious effort to avoid saying it when he's around and just ignore him as best you can.

Last edited by Ted_YNWA; 17-10-2020 at 21:25.
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17-10-2020, 21:21   #30
The Tedinator
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nthclare - bring your grievances with any mod action in A&A to the DRP forum

This is not the place to rant about it
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