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16-10-2020, 23:16   #1
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What cartoon would you love to see made into a series or a film?

For me it's the Jetsons.

Anyone remember them?

Very on the ball too about what the future would be like a bit like Star Trek in ways.
It would be so cool if it got both a film and a live action T V series.
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16-10-2020, 23:19   #2
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Convert - Grave of the Fireflies, into real life movie
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17-10-2020, 00:30   #3
Church on Tuesday
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17-10-2020, 00:46   #4
Immortal Starlight
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Gravity Falls
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17-10-2020, 01:00   #5
Wichita Lineman
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Dastardly and Muttley / Wacky Races
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17-10-2020, 01:18   #6
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I remember a cartoon from years ago called Legend of the Dragon. It was a kind've martial arts/Kung fu type of cartoon but had a supernatural element to it as well. I could kind've see it as a live action martial arts movie. Someone like Donnie Yen or Jet Li could play a role in a film like that.

Here's the synopsis of how it starts.

The show starts when the previous Golden Dragon has passed on to the afterlife and Ang and Ling Leung, seventeen-year-old fraternal twins, born in the year of the Dragon, are next in line for the Golden Dragon power band and user of its mystical abilities to defend the mortal world from evil. Ang has no belief that he will become the Golden Dragon, as Ling is the best fighter at the Dragon dojo. Ling is positive that she will become the Golden Dragon. However, when Master Chin calls upon the power of the Golden Dragon to choose who will be the next golden Dragon, it chooses Ang. Humiliated and furious, Ling storms out of the temple and is tempted by the ultimate dark and evil power of the shadow Dragon. From then on, Ang is forced to fight his own twin sister.
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17-10-2020, 01:20   #7
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Always thought Batman Beyond would have great potential, a twist on the current superhero genre. Could even bring Michael Keaton in.
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17-10-2020, 01:20   #8
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Originally Posted by Church on Tuesday View Post
Well....... I've news for ya
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17-10-2020, 01:22   #9
cj maxx
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The amazing world of gumball or regular show.
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17-10-2020, 01:33   #10
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James Bond Jnr.
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17-10-2020, 01:53   #11
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Originally Posted by Wichita Lineman View Post
Dastardly and Muttley / Wacky Races
I think what you're looking for is The Great Race

Actually predates the series so probably inspired it.
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17-10-2020, 01:57   #12
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Battle of the Planets (G Force)
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17-10-2020, 03:20   #13
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Hagär the horrible.
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17-10-2020, 08:05   #14
Bob Harris
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Sminky Shorts. A new series of shorts is needed.
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17-10-2020, 08:18   #15
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