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15-10-2020, 23:02   #1
Pinch Flat
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Fungie the dolphin is missing - Or is he?

Ah jaysus. As if 2020 couldn't get any worse

"15th October 2020... SADNESS.... We all have been knowing that one day the day would come that Fungie would not show up in his beloved bay.... For the past two days Rudi and I have been searching for Fungie everywhere. There is absolutely no sign of him. Today I raised the alarm and I deepfull have to thank Mary and Mick O'Neill from DINGLE BOAT TOURS who were so kind to take us on an very long search along the coastline and search in places we could not reach with our own small boat because of the waves.. Meanwhile two other boats started a long search as well. We cannot give you any more information than what we know.. Fungie is missing... The bay has been very quite this week... and on Monday morning we spent a wonderful couple of hours with Fungie in the tranquility of the bay.. I never expected that the film I made of Fungie that morning.. could be the last film I shot of him. We all keep hoping for a miracle.... but the bay feels really empty without him. As you will understand.. we are very upset for it looks like we have lost our best friend.. Fungie was part of our life for 29 years.. But Fungie was part of a lot of peoples lives. He was and is and will always be loved all over the world. Rudi and I feel priviledged that we were able to share so much of Fungie with friends who love him.... with people who wanted to meet him.. with people who seeked comfort by him... Fungie is special to so many people in so many ways. For Rudi and me he will always be a part of our life for the place he has in our heart is there FOREVER. We will continue the search for him... and we keep hoping.. As you can understand we are very upset at the moment and will not get into any speculations... or questions... nor do we appreciate any disrespectful remarks. We have shared our life with Fungie with you because we knew he would always put a smile on someones face... I am sure that this will come as a shock to many people... We cannot tell you for sure if he is alive or dead.. It is just as simple as that. If Fungie crossed the dolphinrainbow bridge... than he will leave a big empty space behind him for many.. Dingle will never be the same.. but keep Fungie alive in your hearts.. and he will live forever..."


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15-10-2020, 23:08   #2
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I heard fungi was just an ould lad in a plastic suit.
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15-10-2020, 23:11   #4
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Up in heaven with RBG and Síoda now...
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15-10-2020, 23:18   #6
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Fungi will turn up (or a replacement lookalike) and they'll spin out a yarn that he was social distancing and went into isolation due to covid. They ain't going to let that money spinner die.
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15-10-2020, 23:23   #7
Quantum Erasure
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Fungie is dead!
Long live Fungie!
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15-10-2020, 23:25   #8
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Originally Posted by barney shamrock View Post
I'd say theres about 20 different "fungis" down there.
Just like your sister.
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15-10-2020, 23:25   #9
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It says they don't know if he's dead
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15-10-2020, 23:26   #10
Niner leprauchan
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So, no evidence that he's dead at all?

Jesus lads, don't go away for a weekend, they'll have the service booked and the plot bought!
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15-10-2020, 23:27   #11
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He was seen earlier. The ocean swimmer Nuala Moore confirmed it with local boats
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15-10-2020, 23:35   #13
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They're busy in Kilgarvan pumping up a replacement
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16-10-2020, 00:41   #14
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Thoughts and prayers hun
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16-10-2020, 00:50   #15
Insect Overlord
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Originally Posted by barney shamrock View Post
I'd say theres about 20 different "fungis" down there.
Pretty sure the original was verified as one of the oldest solitary dolphins in the wild sometime in the last 12 months or so.

Might have even been a Guinness World Record.
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