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18-10-2020, 00:47   #1
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Fake ads

This popped up as a banner ad on a site I visited. Does anyone ever fall for these?
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18-10-2020, 00:48   #2
Atlantic Dawn
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Anyone who does deserves to have their money seized from them and be issued with no more than €5 a day to manage.
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21-10-2020, 16:36   #3
Insect Overlord
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Mod note: Moved from Teach na nGealt. Same rules apply, just post in the right language.
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21-10-2020, 18:01   #4
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I'm sure some idiots will fall for it.

Remember, while hundreds of millions of people ignored the Nigerian prince emails, some people did give their money away!

Spammers wouldn't do what they do it if they didn't catch a few greedy fools.
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21-10-2020, 18:18   #5
cj maxx
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Funny, I’ve been getting google ads with Michael O’Leary in a fools cap, see his newest investment blah.
As well as the usual porno sites
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21-10-2020, 18:55   #6
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Naff online ad's grind my gears all the time. I have seen the one today about Mick and his mega-investment, blaaa, is all I can say. Never once do I ever click on those silly adds.
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21-10-2020, 18:59   #7
Dental Plan!
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Stupid ads, like Nigerian prince scams are deliberately crafted to be easy to spot.

Because it means that those who fall for it are more likely to go the whole way.

This is a long con that takes a lot of effort. So you need to make sure your marks are stupid to start with.

If you create a really clever website to draw people in, there's a good chance that 90% of those who get drawn in, will spot your scam and flee.
If the website is cheap and shoddy, then 90% of those who get drawn in will be too stupid to realise it's a scam.
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21-10-2020, 21:00   #8
cj maxx
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One place I’ve got caught , twice ! is Facebook, or rather ads during ‘words with friends’.
When I say I got caught twice I had already ordered the 2nd one before I knew it was bs.
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