We are delighted to let you know that two new forums have gone live today. They are in a New Forums section for a probationary period to ensure that they are active forums before being moved to a new home in their relevant categories. You can read more about the New Forums probation here.

3D Printing
For all things 3D printing related, how-tos, show off your printer or items printed, ideas for projects, whatever other discussions might happen around 3D printing.

Childfree by choice
A forum for individuals and/or couples who have decided not to have children. How people make the decision, how other people view your decisions, how it affects different aspects of your life, what was considered when coming to that conclusion and whatever else might come up as a part of being childfree family.

If you are in any way interested in these topics, please visit the forum(s) and give them your support.

These two new forums were requested some time ago in the Forum Requests forum here. If you have an idea for a new forum that you think would be of value to other users and the site, then take a look at Forum Requests and make your proposal!

Thanks all.