Hello everyone,

Tis the season of sports! The All-Irelands have been wrapped up, but discussions will still carry on in the off-season over in the GAA forum; the Premier League has kicked off again and there are plenty of discussions to follow in the Soccer forum or in the Fantasy Sports Arena forum if you'd taken the plunge into Fantasy Football; the American Football season is underway and the forum is planning to have meetups in the Woolshed; and the Rugby forum is preparing for the World Cup, which begins in earnest this weekend.

While the World Cup has gotten underway, it's still interesting to look at where we've come from. Four years ago, users picked their Irish 23 for the 2019 World Cup and it's interesting to see how those predictions panned out. Unfortunately, there are many mentions of Jamie Heaslip being indestructible or that injury itself was afraid to go near him, but that's exactly what put an end to his career. It it also worth pointing out that to coincide with the World Cup, the Rugby forum is operating on a zero tolerance policy, which means that breaches of the forum charter will be dealt with through infractions or bans. Make sure you read the charter and take a breath if tensions start to escalate before responding (or walk away!).

Finally, on the sporting front, the last Boards Golf Society outing (ahead of Captains Day) took place over the weekend. The Boards Golf Society went to Dooks Golf Club in Co. Kerry with players knowing that it was their last chance to earn enough points to make the Captains Day squad. The weather tested golfers who had to endure awful conditions, but they still seemed to enjoy their day out. If you're a golfer, but undecided about joining the society, a read through of the reports from the outing may convince you to signup. Congrats to Alanm who picked up the win on the day and earned enough points to secure the Golf Society's Golfer of the Year. Agonisingly, slave1 missed out by just a handful of points. Now the attention turns to the Ryder Jug.

In the Reality TV forum, it was discovered that one Boards user was featured on Dragon's Den recently. Tacofries pitched their Shower Gem shower caddy to the Dragons and ended up coming away with an investment. They were also able to share their experience with the forum, highlighting some insights about the editing process. tacofries is a regular poster in the Entrepreneurial & Business Management forum, and it just goes to show that they have some idea of what they're talking about

Something that might impact entrepreneurs and business managers, as well as the rest of us, is the upcoming budget. October 8th is budget day and there is sure to be plenty to discuss across the Politics forum and Current Affairs.

If you're hankering for a forum meetup, the Forum Games forum is trying to organise a beers for September 27th. Details are still to be locked down, but you can register your interest here.

We're always fond of threads that feature photographs submitted by users. There are some fantastic pictures to be found across the Photography forum; in the "Photos taken on your cycle" thread in the Cycling forum; in the Post Your Pet Pics thread in Animals & Pet Issues; in the "Some Nature Pictures I Took Recently" thread in Nature & Bird Watching forum, and many more! The Farming & Forestry forum also has threads dedicated to photography, including the recently started "Nature on Your farm" thread, which features all kinds of pictures from the weird and wonderful world of farming.

Looking at general forum news, there has been a new forum request for a drone or drone pilots subforum. There has been some drone-related chatter in the Models forum, but now they're looking to branch out into their own dedicated place.

Meanwhile, the forum formerly known as "ASD Parenting" has been renamed to Special Needs Parenting to encompass all special needs. With Mod permission granted, links to the forum have also been placed into the State Benefits, Accessibility & Mobility & Disability, Carers & Caring, Education, and Primary & Pre-school forums as these are relevant forums where crossover conversations may occur.

That's it for another month. There's going to be plenty to discuss across the site over the next month and hopefully some interesting news to share with you next month too.