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16-02-2020, 19:05   #4966
The Tedinator - I'll Ban Back
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Deskside doing likewise.

Toast run being done when this episode is over.
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16-02-2020, 19:16   #4967
Bishop of hope
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Homeside from an afternoon socialising with some friends in a local public house.
Waiting on a ham and cheese toastie and watching dwts.
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16-02-2020, 19:17   #4968
The Crazy Cat Lady
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couchside in folks house

sorry for your loss smurfjed
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16-02-2020, 19:33   #4969
Guy Person
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Originally Posted by Purple Mountain View Post
Yes new.
Anyone know how to clear a whatsit?
If it's new it might not be a cache issue but try it anyway. Go to settings, then storage, then click on whatever internet browser your phone uses, (probably Chrome or Firefox) then click clear cache.

Smurfjed I'm very sorry to read that message. I hope you and that family will be ok, it's very sad.
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16-02-2020, 19:34   #4970
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Originally Posted by smurfjed View Post
Long time Friend of mine moved home two weeks ago, she was found dead this morning ala Prince, she leaves behind 5 kids and husband.

I introduced her to her husband, was groomsman at their wedding, certainly didn’t think that I would be attending her funeral.
Very sorry to hear that Smurfjed...
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16-02-2020, 19:35   #4971
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Making sweet potato fries with fried dippy egg for tea.

Bought two expanding files and a new pen ( it writes lovely) so I can file my house papers. My Mum said I was mad, getting excited over files. I love stationery. Must be a sign I'm getting old.

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16-02-2020, 19:36   #4972
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Balls deep in second season of Narcos Mexico. Well worth a watch.

Had a real me day, curry on way.

Happy Sunday all
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16-02-2020, 20:13   #4973
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So very sorry for your loss Smurf. It has been a hard time lately for Wherers with losses and anniversaries. People are very kind in here...

Ventured out for a walk this afternoon but it felt like was battered about the person with that wind. I did something I haven’t in a long time and that was take a nap. Dear God it was lovely snuggling down in the deepest recesses of the bed and flaking out.
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16-02-2020, 20:27   #4974
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Armchairside. Just had some treacley ginger cake and tea. Reading a good book.

I changed job recently - and this is the first Sunday in about 2 years that I haven't had that feeling of dread and "what fresh hell" shall tomorrow bring. So nice to feel the stress evaporate and life open up again. Especially when you think of people we lose too soon, people struggling with ill health, people with tangible problems... *

Night all. Be good

ETA: *I mean it's nice to have the time/headspace to be able to be there for people and be able to enjoy what I have - health, lifestyle etc...

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16-02-2020, 20:28   #4975
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Originally Posted by black forest View Post
Could prevent to get entangled with all the carnival fools who were heading to Merdingen for the biannual parade. It’s quite a big thing in my neck of the woods. In former years i would have been right in the middle. Today i just wanted to have my peace enjoying the sun. 🌞😉😄
I think that explains all the strange people that I saw today in Basel.
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16-02-2020, 20:33   #4976
Purple Mountain
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Thank you Guy and Grem, I'll try your suggestions.

To Cali, let me say I know how you feel. I'm in a lovely job now and Sunday nights don't phase me anymore but I've been in roles where you'd have a knot in your stomach thinking of the week ahead.
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16-02-2020, 20:54   #4977
Bishop of hope
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Forgot to sympathise with you on my last post Smurf, really sad for you and the woman's family on your loss.
I ve lost a few friends the last couple of years and it always leaves a big hole.

Great song about loss here I think.
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16-02-2020, 21:25   #4978
Panda Killa
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Watching Jumanji 2 with the's absolute muck...
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16-02-2020, 22:03   #4979
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Watching Doctor Who from earlier.
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16-02-2020, 22:08   #4980
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I'm in bed, 2 little people went kicking & screaming around 8pm, eventually.
I'm knackered already!

Smurf, so sorry for your loss, it's really hard when friends go.
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