Hey everyone,

Just as our bones are starting to warm up a little, it looks like we're in for a resurgence of the Beast from the East. Has anyone got a catchy subtitle for its return?

It was a very busy time for the site the first time round. I'd like to take this moment to apologise for any disruption faced as traffic spiked and the servers came under severe strain. It was something that provoked a lot of conversation and interest on the site.

The Severe Weather Snow / Ice thread was viewed more than a million times and racked up almost 9,000 comments in a short space of time; the more technical discussion was viewed more than 850,000 times; and there were some amazing photos shared across the site, particularly in Weather Pictures, Photography, Cycling, Nature & Bird Watching, Animals & Pet Issues, Athletics/Running, and more.

If being cooped up indoors made you want to get out and get active - cabin fever can do funny things sometimes - the Boardsies over in the Cycling forum have set a date for this year's Hill Climb Challenge. Howth is the venue and the outing will be recorded on Strava, so if you can't make it on time you can still log a climb.

If cycling isn't for you, then how about Football/Soccer (let's try to appease everyone there )? The Boards Football team is currently looking for new players for an Astro league that will kick off in April. It'll be a social, but competitive league and the team will be looking to get a friendly or two under its belt before the action gets underway.

In other cycling news, one user recently found a trek bike on the M7, which may have fallen off a car. They've been trying to track down its owner, but no success yet. We're hoping that we'll have a positive story to share.

This week, Cheltenham has been one of the major talking points. Over in the Horse Racing forum, people have been sharing tips, what longshots they're willing to take a punt on, and more. It's well worth a read.

After today the country's attention turns to Ireland's quest to claim a Grand Slam. The Rugby forum is sure to be busy tomorrow with Super Saturday upon us and the importance of the game against England.

One of the other busy threads this week was the Electric Picnic thread in Gigs & Events. The first wave of acts were announced and people have been chatting about how they feel. This is really worth sharing because MiniFridgeMen created a Spotify Playlist, so if you're not quite sure who the bands on the poster are (sometimes it's easy to feel out of touch!), you can at least give them a try.

With the distraction of the Oscars over and done with, now we can get onto what really matters, the Boards Film Awards. Nominations are open, so if you feel there's a film deserving of an accolade (from the traditional award categories to the more novel such as "Film That Deserved Better" or "Best Dumb Fun Film," for example) you can add your nomination here.

We've had a couple of really interesting AMAs of late. Elizabeth Rose Murray, a professional writer, shared insights into her process and gave users tips so that they might be able to write that paragraph they've put off, finish that draft, or possibly even go further with what they've written. We've also been hearing from a woman who's travelling South America solo; it sounds like a fascinating journeys and there have been some amazing photos shared. An AMA with a cabin crew member is underway, and there have been some interesting questions and responses.

That's it for me. Wrap up warm over the weekend, enjoy the parades and St. Patrick's Day festivities, and I'll be back next month with another update.