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Bargain Alerts Charter & Resources [Amended 19-07-19]

This forum is for cheap and useful bargains that might be of use for the general populace of boards.

  • Due to the large quantity of [REQUEST] threads, a Bargain Alerts Request subforum has been created to allow the main forum to show less cluttered.

  • A new forum has been created for Referral codes. Please read the separate charter before posting.

  • Do leave feedback if you find a good bargain and let the other users know what the experience you had with the company or product.

  • Please follow the standard boards rules (no nonsense, behave, treat users with respect, etc).

  • The forum shall not be used by anyone for the purpose of personal gain by advertising their services directly or referring to same in their posts. This includes user names.

  • No Personal sales allowed here - Use

  • Boards has implemented a service, Skimlinks, on the site. Full info HERE.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact any of the mods. Happy Bargain hunting.

Bargain Alerts Mods.

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26-11-2006, 15:01   #2
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Bargain Alerts Resources (Shops+Misc) [Read Me]

Gathering up a few links for cheap stuff, please add to it and I will every once in a while, edit this post to add the links ye provide. Thanks everyone. A great deal of these would be used by boards regulars.

eBay Ireland (a number of shops under the one website)
Argos Ireland (think they deliver large items but you can reserve your item to pickup in a store near you).

Beer/Wine/Spirits (exactly what it sez on the tin, Online Wine and Beer Warehouse)

SVP (CD Media, Computer parts, lots of great stufff!
Marx Computers

Cheap Memory cards/Consumables

CDWOW (change domain to .ie if you wish)
Deep Discount DVD
Blah DVD
Bang CD
XtraVision (DVDs, music, etc)
The Book Depository (excellent site, huge selection!)
Hughes and Hughes Bookstore Ireland

Currency converters,194/

Visa daily exchange rates:

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discount clothes warehouse
online jeans & more store
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01-12-2006, 15:56   #4
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Bargain Hunting on Amazon, tips & hacks

seemed like the best spot for it!

Amazon tips & hacks, [via Lifehacker]
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i keep my eye on this page every now and again.some serious value on it at times
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12-03-2007, 01:52   #6
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Are there any other equivelants of this forum out there?

Any UK sites? Good blogs etc?
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12-03-2007, 07:07   #7
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Originally Posted by Akula
Are there any other equivelants of this forum out there?

Any UK sites? Good blogs etc? is a UK "consumer revenge" site. It has forum and blog sections.
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12-03-2007, 22:41   #8
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Posts: 18,661 for clothing. Can have some good deals at times and I've ordered from them before, no problems. Delivery to Ireland £5.99 regardless of order size.
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15-04-2007, 23:14   #9
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They do Brio type wooden train sets and accessories and stuff - they seem quite cheap.
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[IMPORTANT] Please use the 'Requests' sub-forum for all Requests

You may have noticed a new 'Bargain Alerts [Requests)' subforum which has been created to deal with the ever-increasing percentage of threads requesting the best prices on various products / items.

Please use this forum for all requests from now on (20/12/07).

Any request threads posted in 'Bargain Alerts' after the "birthing period" of the new forum will be deleted - you have been warned!
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21-03-2008, 13:07   #11
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DVD Price Comparison Websites

Car/Vehicle Ferry deals forum

New and Used Books Website

Branded Clothing from US (Levi Jeans in my experience)

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10-11-2008, 17:48   #12
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Good for hard to find watch batteries, but also have most other types of battery and lamps, bulbs etc. Seem to be based in Denmark but if you're buying a few batteries then postage (5 euro) easily made back compared to battery prices in maplin, jewellers etc

I just bought a bunch of stuff from them. Delivery did take 6 days but well packaged and delay seemed to be down to DHL anyway.

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13-01-2009, 17:13   #13
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Great list of sites that sell DVD, CD's and games and the cost of shipping to Ireland.

Copied from muffler's great post here: Free Free £2.98 per item 7/4/11 Free (T & C’s say UK only but it’s free) They did deliver here for free but have now stopped completely. £0.99 for P & P - Contact them in their forum HERE £0.99 per item £0.99 per item. UK free. Ireland - £0.90 per disc/unit UK free Ireland - £1.09 per item for games, DVD’s & Cd’s. £2.09 for Blueray UK free. Ireland – £1.09 per item for games, DVD’s & Cd’s. £2.09 for Blueray UK free. Ireland - £1.09 per item (not boxed sets) UK free. Ireland – varies (storage media, batteries, ink cartridges etc) UK free. Ireland - £2.50 per item. UK – free. Ireland - £2.95 per order UK – free. Ireland - £2.95 per order UK free Ireland - £3.95 for 1st item + £1 for each additional item. UK £1.99 per order Ireland £3.99 per item UK free Ireland - £6.50 FREE to Ireland for orders over £25 value. To view €uro prices, use Amazon Currency Converter or use Greasemonkey add on or shop from
UK - CD & DVD £0.29 per item + £1.16 delivery
PC/Video games £0.40 per item + £1.59 delivery
Books £0.59 per item + £2.16 delivery

Ireland CD & DVD £0.39 per item + £1.49 delivery
PC/Video games £0.99 per item + £3.99 delivery
Books £0.99 per item + £3.99 delivery

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Cashback Websites

For anyone who isn't familiar with these sites I thought I'd post a few links here. The way to get the best value when shopping online is to find the best possible price on the internet. Then when you've got the best price you can shave up to 10% or more off if the retailer participates in one of the cashback web sites such as Top Cashback, Quidco, Cashback Kings, Rpoints etc...

I've been including links to Quidco in a lot of my posts. I can confirm they do pay out via Paypal, minus a £5 per annum admin fee. Below are some of the more popular cashback web sites:

Money Saving Expert Cashback Sites Article

The cashback sites themselves sometimes offer fees for referrals to join them. Instead of just joining yourself by going to the web site, it can pay to use a friends referral link, and get another friend to use yours. That way both joiner and referrer are paid when someone new signs up.
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Price Comparison Websites

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