Hi everyone,

In recent weeks and months we have had extensive Feedback threads to read through that provided plenty of food for thought. These threads, along with the sheer number of After Hours threads that deviated from its traditional lighthearted nature, made it clear that a new forum was required. In Feedback threads, the idea of a Current Affairs forum was pitched. And that's exactly what we have launched as a sister forum to After Hours.

The Current Affairs forum will act as a place for frank exchanges of views on serious and at-times controversial topics, which users clearly want to discuss. It will allow users to openly discuss issues and express their views while respecting the rights of others. Naturally, hate speech, insults, and purposely inflammatory remarks (i.e. trolling) will not be allowed.

Meanwhile, After Hours will house the less serious and more light-hearted threads where users can have a bit of fun.

We hope that these two forums acting alongside one another will satisfy the at-times polarising wants and needs that have cropped up in After Hours in recent times.