Hi everyone,

What glorious weather we're having and hopefully it's here to stay for a while. We will certainly be keeping an eye on the Weather forum to keep tabs on it!

Some people that may appreciate the fine weather are runners, particularly those that are considering dipping their toes into marathon running. If you are considering entering the Dublin City Marathon for the first time, the Mentored Novices Thread is back for its 11th iteration. Once again, experienced heads will provide advice and training plans, while everyone will lend a supportive ear and words of encouragement.

Perhaps once the novices get through that experience they may look further afield. It's a busy time of year for marathon runners with recent events taking place in Limerick and Belfast. For other races and recaps, visit the Athletics & Running Events forum where you can find information and write-ups from London, Berlin, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and many other cities.

It's also perfect golfing weather, provided you sunscreen up! The Boards Golf Society played at the European Club at the end of April with Seve OB claiming the win. There are plenty of interesting recaps to be read here. If you feel like you're missing out, there's still time to join the Boards Golf Society. Simply drop Seve OB a PM. Their next outing will be on May 18th when they head to Offaly to play at Esker Hills.

While the Premier League wrapped up last weekend, the Soccer forum will be kept busy for a while longer. There will be plenty of interest in the Champions League and Europa Cup, of course, while the summer brings managerial movement as well as transfer speculation and confirmations galore. Before we know it we'll be back into another season. But for the moment we can enjoy the conclusion of things like the Boards Prediction League and Fantasy Football. We should acknowledge SlickRic's incredible achievement as they finished 43rd overall in the world in Fantasy Premier League.

We are just a week away from local and European elections and, naturally, there is plenty of chatter across the site. It's worth keeping an eye on the Politics and Politics Cafe forums, while local issues, politicians and the local elections are being discussed in the various Regional forums. On May 24th, voters will also be asked if they wish to change the constitutional arrangements for divorce, and those in Limerick, Cork, and Waterford will decide if they wish to see directly elected mayors for their cities.

On the subject of local developments, one forum that we enjoy is the Roads forum. It can be very interesting to hear about works in progress, while photos of projects are frequently posted. Some posters have been sharing some great photos of the New Ross Bypass from a variety of sources. josip shared the below photo, which is a great snap of how things are progressing.

And now for a different kind of development. One user, s_mcloughlin, posted in the Development forum that they've been working on a Chrome browser extension for Boards, which removes empty space within posts and auto loads pages. You can find out more about the project, download the extension, and make requests or point out issues in the dedicated thread.

Another interesting thread that cropped up last month comes from the Farming & Forestry forum. After floating the idea in a previous thread, davidk1394 has decided to start dairy farming and plans to start milking cows by February 2021. You can follow their journey on their new venture here.

In April, the results of the Film Awards were also announced. There were some results that mirrored other award ceremonies, while Avengers: Infinity War managed to pick up a couple of wins. We'll see next year if Endgame can emulate that success.

And finally, the Forum Games forum can seem a little intimidating at first with its games of deception and hidden information, or role playing sessions, but they've started a new game type that anyone will be able to pick up immediately called Sheep. In this game, you respond with not just an answer but one that you think your fellow players will provide. Points are awarded based on how many people gave the same answer with the winner being the person who was the best sheep.

On the more complicated end of the spectrum, the forum will be represented by sKeith in this year's Mafia Championship versus a range of other sites that play Werewolf / Mafia. Best of luck and hopefully they survive the first few nights at least!

That's all from us this month. If you have anything you'd like to share you can always get in touch with us via PM or by posting on this thread. Thanks!