Hello everyone,

It's March and it seems to be becoming a tradition to have some snow, some storms, and a bustling Weather forum. It's hard to know whether we need sunglasses, a poncho, snow boots, or all of the above when leaving the house in the morning, but the forum is working hard to keep everyone in the loop. And it's always fascinating to see regulars pour over various charts and models.

Another forum that's been incredibly busy for some time has been Politics, thanks primarily to Brexit. It's the...gift?...that keeps on giving. The UK has given us plenty to discuss and it looks like there's no clear end in sight.

While speaking of megathreads, it's worth mentioning that the "Some pictures I took recently" thread in the Nature & Bird Watching forum recently hit 10,000 posts. If you'd like to look back over some incredible shots taken throughout the years, you can find the thread here. Meanwhile, the new thread can be found here and you'll find more great shots like the below from keps.

With the Oscars out of the way, it's time once again for the awards that really matter. Nominations are now open for this year's Film Awards, hosted by the Films forum. If there's a film you think is particularly worthy of an accolade for a wide range of categories, including best actor/actress, best dumb fun film, best director, film that deserved better, or best scene to name a few, you can nominate your chosen flick here: https://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/forumdisplay.php?f=480

Moving from the big screen to the stage. Way back when, a group called No Drama Theatre was formed and recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary

The Boards Golf Society is still going strong with another season having started recently. At the end of February, several Boardsies visited Portmarnock Hotel & Golf Links. The course was challenging, but thankfully the conditions were not; it seems that they had a great day out and were treated to excellent weather. Several photos have been posted and you can read some of the write-ups in the dedicated thread. Some from the forum also went to St Andrews at the beginning of March and there are some fantastic photos from the trip. The next Boards Golf Society outing will be on March 16th at Athy Golf Club. You can find out more about that outing here.

In other sport news, the Fantasy Football forum is looking at creating a franchise or dynasty league where the same teams will be kept going over multiple seasons. It's a while before the action will get underway for real, but if you want to find out more or sign up yourself, you can find more here: https://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/show...p?t=2057957582

The Formula 1 season gets underway this weekend. Once again, users in the Motorsport forum have set up a number of prediction and fantasy F1 leagues. To sign up, check out the chatter in the Off Topic thread.

And now for some good news / community highlights from a couple of forums. There is a wonderful and supportive community in one thread from the Beauty forum, titled Shop the Stash. This thread was inspired by a post within the popular Latest Cosmetics Purchases thread, and challenged users to look at what they already own before making a new purchase. The Shop the Stash thread, or support group as it has become, was setup in January when people may have also been keeping one eye on the budget and at a time when sales are so so tempting. Some have found a sense of satisfaction in using the last remnants of what they own, others feel that new purchases are more justified, and there is that rewarding feeling of dumping or donating products that they don't or can't use anymore.

It may be odd to be highlighting good news from a thread titled "Cyclist Down", but it does highlight how the cycling community looks out for one another. Dowee encountered an accident in February and upon seeing that the cyclist was being looked after they made sure that the bike would be in safe hands. They brought the bike to Think Bike in the hopes of reuniting it with its owner. The bike was in better nick than the owner who popped onto Boards to thank Dowee for taking the time to do this and provided an update regarding their injuries. We hope their recovery is progressing well!

Finally, one Boards user found their way to the Arcade & Retro forum in a bid to track down a copy of Star Fox on SNES for a non-verbal young adult with autism. Users tried to assist in finding a copy that would tick all the boxes. Then Corholio posted to add that they would send a copy of the requested game, and for free. This is a delightful story that brought a tear to a few eyes!

We'll wrap it up on that note! We hope you enjoy St. Patrick's Day and the long weekend. Hopefully the storms won't impact you too much!