Happy 2019 everyone! Hope the new year is treating you well.

Before we look to the future, the start of the new year is a good time to reflect. For starters, we put together a Reeling in the Year style post that highlights some of the biggest or most talked about events of 2018. It was also a fascinating year on the AMA forum with some great and insightful discussions. You can read some stats from the forum and access AMAs that ran throughout the year right here: https://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/show...p?t=2057944597.

2018 was a wonderful year for video games, in my opinion, and there was plenty of stiff competition in The Game Awards 2018. The only major surprise was that Spider-Man didn't get a nod, but God of War and Red Dead Redemption II picked up many accolades as would have been expected.

Throughout December, members of the Triathlon / Duathlon / Adventure Racing forum took part in Sanity Clause 2018. The challenge was simple on paper: run for 30 minutes every day. There was no minimum pace or distance, but you couldn't bank days or make up for a skipped day. And with Christmas socialising, shopping, and everything else to be done, it's harder than it sounds.

Over in the Gambling Challenges / Logs forum, jacool was recording their luck with the Euromillions throughout 2018. Unfortunately things didn't pan out as they hoped; they didn't disappear off into the distance with a jackpot in their back pocket. But it's still interesting to read the ups-and-downs and highs-and-lows.

Other forums took an opportunity to reflect upon their goals and accomplishments in 2018. The Farming & Forestry forum looked back at plans that they had for 2018; the Aviation & Aircraft forum logged their hours for the year; and the Cycling forum's users kept tabs on their progress towards their 2018 goals from midway through the year and were able to round out the year by looking back at what they wanted to achieve.

The Photography forum is always an amazing forum to browse and we particularly love the weekly POTW nod. You can scan back through the POTWs as well as the honourable mentions from 2018 here.

With 2019 upon us, you may have decided to tackle some new year resolutions. Midway through January, you may be starting to wane or perhaps you're still considering what you can do. There are a few forums across Boards that can provide you with advice, inspiration, or simply a way to hold yourself accountable. The Giving Up Smoking forum or Non Drinkers Group are two forums that can provide support and advice. If healthy eating is your focus, the Nutrition & Diet, or Food forums could prove useful. There is an extensive list of forums if you've decided to tackle your fitness or activity, including Fitness and Fitness Logs; Athletics & Running; Cycling and Cycling Training Logs; Mountain Biking; Golf; Martial Arts & Self Defence; Outdoor Pursuits; Strength & Strength Sports; Swimming; Yoga & Pilates; and many others!

It's also a good chance to take up a new hobby or delve back into something that may have fallen by the wayside. You may want to swing by Arts & Crafts; Films; Reading Logs; Food; Photography; or a range of other forums for inspiration.

Some forums have threads specific to 2019 goals and ambitions too, which will make for interesting reading at the end of the year. The Athletics & Running forum users are planning their Goals for 2019, and users are being challenged to run 1,000 miles for the 10th year. If mountain running is more your thing, the IMRA Season calendar has been released: https://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/show...p?t=2057944745.

Over in the Fitness forum, users are mapping out where they'd like to be in a year: https://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/show...p?t=2057937935. Meanwhile, swimmers are being invited to log their swims for the year.

Once again, cyclists are gearing up for another Evil event, considerd to be the hardest sportive in Ireland: https://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/show...p?t=2057931761. In other cycling news, dates are being released for upcoming events in this year's racing calendar: https://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/show...p?t=2057937481. The Mountain Biking forum is also inviting users to set out their goals for the year.

The Boards Golf Society has outlined its upcoming events, and there's still time to sign up ahead of the first outing on February 23rd.

Last year, we highlighted the Share Picks thread for 2018. Investors are sharing tips and picks this year and hopefully there will be some gems uncovered yet again: https://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/show...p?t=2057942547.

Finally, the Gigs & Events forum is great for finding things to do in the coming months. There is a megathread for 2019 gigs and rumours, but other gigs will get their own standalone thread.

The Farming & Forestry forum is kicking 2019 off with a look back at 2018. This month's photo competition challenges members to showcase their best photo from last year and there are some amazing submissions already.

Unsurprisingly, the Forum Games forum is very busy as we get 2019 underway. The forum has a couple of games starting up very soon and sign-ups are being accepted. Firstly, Werewolf players can channel their inner Z-list celebrity in "I'm a Celebrity Werewolf - Get Me Out Of Here!!!". There is a slow burner and low commitment Werewolf game for those that can't constantly check and analyse new posts. And a simple intro RPG themed around a Murder on the Canadian Express is also welcoming players into the fold.

Finally, if you haven't had your fill of reading, the first AMA of 2019 went live yesterday. Succubus_ is taking on all questions related to living with cystic fibrosis: https://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/show...p?t=2057946565

Thanks for reading everyone. Hope 2019 has gotten off to a good start for you and that you enjoy the year ahead!