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21-01-2019, 12:42   #331
Cork Trucker
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Originally Posted by Markcheese View Post
I think it's a bit of a sham, that there's no park and ride / transfer station at dunkettle, its probably the biggest transport hub /junction in Cork, and you can't get a bus or train there, anyway it won't happen, because it'd get in the way of the new junction that being built...
Posted this over on the relevant thread
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21-01-2019, 13:46   #332
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Originally Posted by Outkast_IRE View Post
I use the train from little island and glounthane and the car parks are pretty full if not overflowing now most working days. The little island car park was designed by an idiot though and is not fit for purpose with inadequate clearances and turning circles.

There are lots of east cork commuters using this service and it is actually getting busier with each passing month.

If the council's had any sense they would expand one of the carparks and heavily promote it as an eastern park and ride
That one is very poorly designed, reminds me of those Matchbox car garage playsets with the parking spaces on the roof. Only the very smallest cars can get around it without hopping a kerb.
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21-01-2019, 14:18   #333
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Originally Posted by hans aus dtschl View Post
They're pretty full most days, but they're not yet at capacity was my point,
I'd have thought a p&r being used at full capacity would be a bad thing.
It's better for it always to be slightly bigger than what's needed than slightly smaller.
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21-01-2019, 14:54   #334
hans aus dtschl
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Originally Posted by ArmaniJeanss View Post
I'd have thought a p&r being used at full capacity would be a bad thing.
It's better for it always to be slightly bigger than what's needed than slightly smaller.
That's somewhat beside the point.

The point...once again....was that a park and ride at Youghal won't be a definitive east Cork traffic cure/resolution as it stands, instead an all-encompassing transport strategy is what's needed.
Such strategies nowadays all focus first on pedestrians, second on cyclists, third on public transport and finally on private motor vehicles.

Look we can discuss how much we'd all like to see rail to Youghal, and we can all be sincere about it too. But there's a number of reasons that the greenway is the correct medium-term choice as it stands.

in its favour:
Train at Youghal won't take significant volumes of traffic off the east Cork corridor as it stands. (the point we're currently discussing, in terms of P&R facilities)
Low population density along the line means it's not on Irish Rail's long list of works, because they don't see it as being as financially viable as other projects.
Greenway (pedestrian/cycling) and green transport strategies are low-cost and high-return (it's an easy project with some known return on investment).
The money and political will is available right now (it's a fast project which can be completed soon).
The alignment's already had encroachment (a flimsy argument, but Irish Rail have not been protecting the line to date).
It progresses the previously-published transport strategies for the East Cork area a small bit further.

Against it is the following:
We'd like to have an active east Cork rail corridor (for which there is currently no money or significant political will).
The proposed greenway might prevent future rail (this has not been proven).

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