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Ilac Centre Central Library Russian Exchange

Hi all,

I hope I am posting this in the correct forum thread. I saw that the Central Library in Ilac Centre hosts a Russian Language Exchange session and I was wondering (as they haven't answered my calls to confirm) if these are still taking place. Does one usually find Native speakers at these sessions? I know there are also the DTWO and other more "commercial" exchange sessions in the city but I would prefer a quieter setting minus pub noise. Is there any other language exchange I could look at for Russian in Dublin? I saw Trinity also has one but it seems only open to university students, if I am not wrong.

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For language exchange I use a site called italki. It's quite useful as you can connect to plenty of Russian speakers. I started by sending messages in Russian which they would correct and sent back to me, and I done vice versa for them in English. You can exchange skype details too, which is how I get some of my practice with native speakers in.
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