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Russians in Ireland?

Hi there

I'm Irish, my wife is Russian and I'm wondering if there are any Russian groups in Ireland? Any places where Russians can meet and talk to each other in person or online? Any places where Russians hang out? That kinda thing.

I'm hoping I can help her meet some fellow Russians. She doesn't get a chance to speak Russian except mainly with her family and friends on Skype. My Russian is still extremely basic Hoping I can help her make some Russian friends in Ireland.

She's nice, funny, friendly and about 30 years old. We live just north of Dublin, so anywhere in or around Dublin, Drogheda or Dundalk is great.

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There is a Russian-language interest group which meets every second week in Kennedy's on Westland Row in the city center - mostly consisting of people learning Russian, but there are native speakers too.

And there's a general language exchange which may have a Russian interest group - not sure:

A little birdie also mentioned that there may soon be a meetup group specifically for Russian and potentially related to the Kennedy's group - watch this space.
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I am surprised she's not able to find anyone speaking russian. Sometimes it feels like if I trow a stone in Dublin chances I hit another Russian is quite high.

There is actually whole russian-speking forum, she might find some company there. Boards won't let me post a link, but you can find it by searching for virtual ireland ru
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Awesome robindch that's a great start. Yea I figured there would be a russian type meet up somewhere. See the thing is she's not very keen to the idea of meeting 'strangers' where as I could go out alone myself on a night out and have a tonne of craic meeting new people.

I shall watch this space. Please do keep me in mind if you hear anything else and post here or PM me. I might checkin with you again in the future if I dont' hear from you if that's okay.

vrunsinov yes we often hear people speak Russian but it's in passing. Also we actually live in a small town where I'm pretty sure there are no Russian people living here. I'm sure if I be active about it I can change this. Hence I'm here now

Thanks for the virtual ireland ru too

If anyone knows of anything else don't be shy to chime in. Thanks
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StickyIcky, you have this group too on Facebook : "Russian Speakers in Ireland"

I sent you a private message
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I'm a Russian immigrant who moved to the United States and as of recently - to Dublin to take a position with a top company. Would love to meet some Russian speakers. Can you link me to that group as well?
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