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25-10-2010, 21:26   #1021
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Join Date: Oct 2006
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Bad day in the office for me, struggled to even finish. Really disappointed but went off too fast (School Boy Error) and found it hard after KCR ended up walking from Clonskeagh all the way to the finish line.
Great day and well organised once again,
Meet a few boardies on the course, sorry I was not more friendly but really dying on my feet.

Well done to all here, great day seems to be had by all.

Till next year
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25-10-2010, 21:31   #1022
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Originally Posted by shotgunmcos View Post
I didn't let the balloon go folks, the tie broke at about mile 12 and away to space it flew! It was gas to look back and see all the dismayed faces behind I quickly reassured them that we were still good to go.

Another blast pacing the 4 hour group. Truth be told I found it a little tougher today, legs a bit tired, but it was never in doubt. The desired and advised target for us was 3:59:30.

Result: 3:59:30 Hit the halfway mat in 1:59:59!! Job done!

It got a little hairy coming into the 25 mile mark as we were pulling along a huge posse. 2 of our 4 strong team flanked the road and pushed the crowds back to let the posse through (apologies to those supporters). I may have scared a few into a final sprint but it was brilliant to see that posse flooding through with the line in sight. There is some really great spirit in the DCM.

Some incredible results from our bordsies, it will take a week of dossing to get to it all. Well done all.
Registered on the Boards this evening just to say a big thanks to all the pacers and especially the 4.00 guys.

Worst moment of the marathon was seeing that ballon take off on the Crumlin Road, if the second one did I.

First marathon, finished 3.59.07, delighted. Thanks again lads.
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25-10-2010, 21:46   #1023
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Died over the last 6 miles (Berlin still in the legs?) - It was a long slow death march from Fosters Ave to the finish .
Got in with 3:50 on the clock.
Dublin marathon is never kind to me .

Positive - a 10min course PB, and a largely wonderful event

Big Negative - trying to get out from the Baggage collection area. The families & friends waiting to be reunited with runners had encroached so close up to the (small) exit that they (gormessly) created a back up of already tired marathon runners. The guy beside me started fvcking them all out of it. He was right.

Met Bernard Dunne at the start - his 1st marathon. I told him that his experience of pain would come in handy around UCD.

Met TFB before the start. Also met menopause & spaghetti menoscemo & chinguetti lining up behind the 3:30 pacers.

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25-10-2010, 21:50   #1024
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Some pics of the race here:
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25-10-2010, 21:52   #1025
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Join Date: May 2009
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Got home in 2:59:06, had to work hard in the last few miles. The 3hr pace group passed me at the RDS so put my head on from there on in. Second sub 3 this year after Berlin, I still think Dublin is a tough course

It was an ideal day, a little bit nippy starting of but once you got moving it was fine. Got to half way in just over 89mins and brought it back in 90. As always the last 5 miles tough, dropped out to over 7min miling.

The support round the course was the best it has ever been, impressed with all the Spartans outside every Spar we passed.
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25-10-2010, 21:54   #1026
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Join Date: Aug 2010
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Ran 3:24 having guesstimated a target of 3:25 so happy with that. A big thank you to the pacers. Even if I never actually ran with either of the groups I kept the 3:15 balloon in sight until about 15 miles which was very encouraging.

Thanks also to all of those who gave me advice on running by heart rate. I stuck pretty closely to the plan of 155 (77%MHR) to halfway, 160 (79%MHR) to a bit after the twenty mile mark and whatever I had left from there. It was particularly useful in the first half as I probably would have pushed a little harder if I hadn't got the HR target in mind. As it was I still went through the half just outside my PB.

I split 1:39, 1:45 which isn't too bad as I missed picking up two gels from a friend around Terenure and ran a bit short of energy (a big thanks to all those out there with jelly babies and jelly beans and even kit kats), they and the final gel that I was carrying got me going again after a rough patch between miles 18 and 21. Until I got the mother of all cramps just after the 25 mile marker that is. My left quad and hamstring went at the same time, stopped me dead and had me crying out not unlike my 11 week old son. Somebody shouted at me to try walking on it which seemed like the worst idea but I gave it a go and was gradually able to jog and then run again just in time for passing my wife and other son which was nice. Mind you Nassau street was one long cramp fest as both my legs decided that enough was enough. I remember seeing a video of the finish of the (Edinburgh?) marathon earlier this year where the leader cramped within a few hundred metres of the finish and was overtaken by second place who had been a good bit behind. Before today I had in my ignorance wondered why he hadn't just run through the cramp

This has been a great thread to be part of. I hope to be back again next year.
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25-10-2010, 22:04   #1027
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Join Date: Apr 2009
Posts: 19
what a great day

my first marathon only decided to run a couple of weeks ago.the first 23 miles going great ,i really suffered for the next two miles got it going the last mile thanks to the support of the croud finished it in 3.07 over the moon bring on dcm 2011 .I will get sub 3 hrs just need more longs run. my longest run todate was one 20 miles and an 18 mile run thanks every one who shouted me home
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25-10-2010, 22:17   #1028
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Originally Posted by dermCu View Post
Heffsarmy - 2:35 with a 3 min neg split. That's just incredible. Well done that man.
Thanks Dermo. today was the easiset marathon I ever ran, really enjoyed it.
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25-10-2010, 22:22   #1029
breakfast roll
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Join Date: Sep 2009
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well done to everybody who ran the race today

does anyone know which newspaper the results will be published in tomorrow?
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25-10-2010, 22:23   #1030
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Awesome day today everyone. Made the going out too fast mistake. I knew at the time it was a mistake but I just could't reign it in. Lack of experience I suppose. Anyway I kept the 3.30 pacers in my sights till around the 10 mile mark but wasn't too concerned as I really knew I should have gone with the 3.45 guys. Started to feel the pain at around 16 and really from around then decided to walk through the water stations. That was a good decision. Ray D'Arcy gave me a big boost with a big smile that kinda said he knew what I was going through at the top of that hill behind UCD. I kept looking ahead so as to avoid seeing the 3.45 guys but the game was up on that score around the UCD flyover. I ran with them till the Merrion Rd when I had to let them go, but let me tell you they were fantastic. Finished from there with 9.30ish miles cause I knew my main goal of sub 4 was achieved. Said hello to Oisin11178 after at the bag collection, nice guy.

DCM 2009 - chiptime 4:50:14
DCM 2010 - chiptime 3:49:39

If anyone knows the boards username of the 3.45 ballon carrier I'd love to PM him. Didn't realise it out on the course earlier but we met earlier in the summer when his friend and my brother in law sadly passed away far too young.

Things I learned from today:
1. Its true what they say, you can't bank time in the first half. Steady pacing much more sensible.
2. Wasn't sure before about pace groups, now I'm totally sold. The encouragement the 3.45 guys gave for the time I was with them was awesome.
3. Pint bottles of Bulmers go down well afterwards.

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25-10-2010, 22:25   #1031
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Originally Posted by breakfast roll View Post
well done to everybody who ran the race today

does anyone know which newspaper the results will be published in tomorrow?
The Indo
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25-10-2010, 22:38   #1032
Micilin Muc
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Originally Posted by slowsteady View Post
Registered on the Boards this evening just to say a big thanks to all the pacers and especially the 4.00 guys.

Worst moment of the marathon was seeing that ballon take off on the Crumlin Road, if the second one did I.

First marathon, finished 3.59.07, delighted. Thanks again lads.
I got a picture of that balloon!
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25-10-2010, 22:42   #1033
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Great day for me as well after a dodgy start. Was woken up an hour late and the early morning was very rushed. Just made it to the start on time. It seems all extremely well organised now, even better than two years ago when I ran it last. I was very worried about a calf/achilles problem that showed up only last week, and sure enough it bugged me for the whole race, but thankfully it never got any worse. Had planned for running 3:25, and ran the first half about 1 minute ahead of that pace, despite having to stop in the park for a pee. The lad in the "tiger" suit was along side me, and a bunch of other friendly folk for most of the first half. So, it was really enjoyable. Noticed a few deer in the park who wanted to get across the race route just like in the half mar. Was expecting them to leap like across but they backed off instead. The expected drag up Crumlin rd. was a positive pleasure with the sunshine and calm conditions.

Around mile 16, the breathing stepped up a notch and it started to get a bit harder (as expected). But, it was mile 20 and 21 where I lost a good bit of time, and it was clear 3:25 wasn't going to happen. So, the target at this stage was to get well under 3:30. The surprising thing is that even though the pace eased off a bit, I passed quite a significant number of people in the last 4 miles. So, even though my pacing was pretty bad, a lot of others were even worse than me. Crossed line at 3:27:30. So, beating 3:30 was the number one target and was over the moon to do that.

Thanks to the 3:15 pacers by the way. I tried to keep them in view as long as I could (which wasn't very long) I had a bit of a chuckle when I saw one of the balloons disappear in to the sky on O'Connell St...
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25-10-2010, 22:46   #1034
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Originally Posted by Caprica View Post
The support round the course was the best it has ever been, impressed with all the Spartans outside every Spar we passed.
Spartans! So thats it, I was wondering WTF the Romans were doing hanging around street corners.
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25-10-2010, 22:57   #1035
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Originally Posted by hawkwing View Post
RTE have more interest in "real sport" like Celebrity Bainisteoir or stuff like "Ireland's Greatest" it seems They should be shot with their own S**t
They're not the only ones. Today FM sports bulletins today lead with English soccer and a story about some poor soccer player who hurt his little knee 3 days ago. Meanwhile the biggest sporting event in terms of numbers participating of the year in the country was relegated to 3rd or 4th place, then again nothing will ever get in the way of that stations love-in with premiership soccer.
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