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24-07-2020, 08:20   #16
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Originally Posted by igCorcaigh View Post
My dealer is out of it.
Strange times and all.
But luckily the pubs are shut. Strange times etc etc
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24-07-2020, 08:29   #17
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Give the misses the debit card and tell her take the kids shopping or to get some food. You need peace and quite as the foundation of recovery. Sip water, it hard to reach over, put on some rocky music and pretend the water is Adrian.

Adrian, Adrian...
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02-08-2020, 13:52   #18
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It really depends on what you drink as well. I can drink a ton of spirits with diet mixer and the next day have a mild 'normal' hangover, to the extent that I can face the gym that afternoon and by the evening I'll be fine.

But if I drink a big rake of pints of cider, I always feel way worse the following day, and end up spending the day slouched around and suffering.
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02-08-2020, 13:59   #19
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Stopped doing hangovers a long time ago. I am rarely in a pub, even pre-Covid, and any time I am I would have taken it slightly easier.

Sometimes you just have to accept you're too old for that lark.

If I do vodka all night, I'm usually ok. Seems to be the drink that agrees best with me. Just not mad on it though. Prefer whiskey or Guinness. But a fed of the former will give me a killer head in the morning, and a feed of the latter will ruin my guts!
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08-08-2020, 19:42   #20
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5HTP supplements, fridge stocked with Lucozade or 7up, 'Soakage' like egg-fried rice or a nice kebab. During a drinking session, I snack on peanuts or sometimes pork scratchings (a UK thing that recently became popular in Ireland). Also: simple pacing of the intake of the lush is always good advice.
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14-10-2020, 22:07   #21
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make up your own rehydration solution; sugar, salt and water. Diuralyte was developed as an emergency rehydrant for famine victims in Africa. Forget soakage or anything else.
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14-10-2020, 22:13   #22
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Get up go for a run 30 minute run and have a cold shower when home then a nice fry. Hangover gone straight away.
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14-10-2020, 22:15   #23
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I don’t drink much and I think that’s why my hangovers are so bad when I do drink. I mean I have to mash my head into the pillow to get the headaches to stop. I think if your body is more use to alcohol your hangovers are not as bad. Mine are awful. Even after 4 beers I will be in an awful heap the next day.
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14-10-2020, 22:16   #24
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I used to suffer bad as well

Drink as much water as possible before you drink alcohol. If you drink alcohol for a thirst that's a disaster. Having lots of water first gives you a slow take off and a better night

Stick to the one drink

If possible drink bottles beer all night. I noticed on holidays I had light headaches on bottles and suspected draft is piss

You do need salty food imho
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14-10-2020, 22:18   #25
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Tiredness has a lot to do with hangovers aswell as everything else other people have mentioned. The night before you go on the beer you need a good sleep and feel rested, go on the beer while your tired your going to feel 100 times worse the next day.
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14-10-2020, 22:20   #26
Stihl waters
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Who remembers to drink water before bed after a lock of pints, all I ever want to do is go straight to bed, I never seem to drink water even tho I always say I will.

I find drinking something like vodka and diet 7 up instead of pints reduces the hangover considerably, I think the biggest thing with pints is the volume of stuff you're asking the body to process in a short space of time, 12 or 14 pints in 4 or 5 hours puts a lot of pressure on the system
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14-10-2020, 22:35   #27
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Originally Posted by Truthvader View Post
Solpadine before bed but as per most things ( putting on condom, locking door, remembering her name etc) hard to arsed at the time
OP is asking for advice on hangovers, not rape.
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14-10-2020, 22:44   #28
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Originally Posted by Hulk Hands View Post
Diorolyte with a decent bit of water before bed is great. Hangovers are essentially dehydration and loss of salts, and diorolyte is specifically made to counteract those. I used to get them bad until I found it. You'll wake up around 8 needing a piss with a bit of a head but it'll be grand by midday. Solphadeine is another option for the following day if you're getting headaches. Try a few things anyway, most aren't going natural these days
I concur with this, I think its essential part of the hangover cure to take disrepute before bed and again in the am, same with solphadeine, the second u wake at all get up and into a shower and get out of the house, staying in bed is the absolute worst thing for a hangover, ur just sitting there absolutely disgusted with yourself all day and its doing you no favors.
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14-10-2020, 22:53   #29
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Aha, 14 pints in 4 hours, you must be some lad for the sesh.
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14-10-2020, 22:57   #30
Join Date: Sep 2017
Posts: 2,719
Not staying out late helps. We do daytime drinking now (well, we did before covid) and we'd have a rake of pints. And I mean a rake of pints. The type of numbers you'd tell your father because you'd make him proud but not tell your mother or wife because they'd disown then kill you. And we'd be fine next day because we went out at 2 pm and were wrapped up asleep at or before midnight.
During covid we started doing houseparty and zoom drinking online nonsense and they often went on late, 3 and 4 a.m. and by christ you'd be in a jock the next day.
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