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Boards in 1939

It's the summer of 1939. What topics and views are being expressed on is offline  
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Leg End Reject
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The Brits and French should have gone to war with Germany over Munich

Will there be a war

What is Ireland doing to prepare for a European war... should we stay neutral

Refighting the Spanish civil war

Smoking in cinemas

The price of a pint

Motor cars v horses


Wtf is the internet.. how am I reading this? Am I drunk?
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Somehow it was all the Brits fault and dole scroungers won't go to war because they get more money on the dole.
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A little skirmish in Poland, but it’ll be over by Christmas.
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That Hiltler fella seems like a driven young go-getter
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de Valera was met by Benito Mussolini in Rome and they had lunch together, actually lunch was held in his honor.

That would be a fun thread...
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Whats "The Emergency"?
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Church on Tuesday
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Originally Posted by StevenToast View Post
Travellers, the dole, social housing
Travelers were an entirely different (even respected) thing back then.

Stalin getting into bed with Hitler.
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The World has gone to sh1te, everything was so much better in the 1910s.
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Whinging about the Brits and hoping the Germans will whup them good, because the Germans can't be all that bad.

Opinions on company keeping.

Best priest for giving good Mass.
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Indepth discussion on pro/con of car ownership vs horse

I remember seeing a post war article highlighting how a horse was more econmical/practicable than a tractor for farming
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Originally Posted by View Post
It's the summer of 1939. What topics and views are being expressed on

I guess this thread is Froggies particular way of marking today, VE* Day.

* -
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