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I'd just like to say- while all these services posted in this thread can and will really help you- Sometimes, talking to a family member or trusted friend can be the most difficult thing to do, but can be also the most rewarding and helpful to you or can act as a great support in addition to these services- even if you haven't talked to them in a long time.
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I've added the new links to the OP. I'll have a look through them over the weekend and try and break them down into easier groups. I also have some PMs which I'll add details of later on.

I'd really like some more links for those in financial difficult so please keep them coming.
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It all started with a mate of mine.
Still can't believe it's been 10 years.
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A huge thank you to Whoopsiedaisydoodles and to the people of AH for the links you have provided. This is part of the power of AH, a force for good in a world that can sometimes break the best of us. These kinds of threads show the true spirit of AH.

People who care for those with long-term illnesses sometimes feel under even more pressure at Christmas so I thought it would be good to post details for the Carers Association of Ireland Tel: 1800 24 07 24 Fax: 057 9323623 Email:
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Not really Christmas related but may become relevant around the Christmas period when alcohol is involved, and one that's not generally talked about..... for male victims of domestic violence.
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I just happened on this thread. I thought the title was mods giving out about topics being discussed in AH

How wrong was I? Fantastic thread and priceless information. Well done Whoops and all the other contributers
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For those between 15-25 who need some help, there's which provides a place for you to have a chat and see a counsellor if needed.

Just for any students here, individual colleges have their own Student Assistance Funds which can be extremely helpful.
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Many people don't realise that there are Family Resource Centres in their communities which provide affordable counselling services, links with MABS and citizens information services, social welfare information, family support etc. Some have more services than others, but they can be a great first point of contact for people who don't know where to start if they find themselves struggling.....
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Shut the front door
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It covers everyone male and female but I found it when helping a friend who is in their teens, sometimes they can get overlooked with mental health issues and their 'sullen teenage' moods can sometimes be a cry for help. And parents have it hard so clues can be missed, it helped us to have a starting point, for those teens who have started secondary school it can be tough finding your feet, make new friends and even deal with old bullies who have found some kindred spirits to make your life a bigger type of hell.

Christmas can be time when it's quite a dark time for some and with all the food going around they can find it very tough.
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Voluntary organisation helping older people in need through a befriending service, housing and crisis support in the community.

Peter McVerry Trust is a charity set up by Fr Peter McVerry to reduce homelessness and the harm caused by drug misuse and social disadvantage.

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I only recently came across The Irish National Organisation of the Unemployed
And in the same area: The Larkin Unemployed Centre
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Thanks for all the info guys, I'm updating the OP bit by bit to make it easier to find the right information. I'll add all of the new links this evening

Keep them coming please, this is a great resource to have in AH.
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Free legal advice incl housing/domestic violence/other possible legal issues

Also Immigrant Council and MRCI for specific supports for migrants, and BeLonG To for LGBT young people:

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I'm not from Cork, but I've heard nothing but great things about Cork Penny Dinners, who provide a similar service to that of the Capuchin centre in Dublin.
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SOSADIreland - Louth/Meath/Monaghan/Cavan/Offaly
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