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20-03-2006, 16:20   #61
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Electronic engineering jobs (I'm talking circuit design companies here) do exist for people with extremely specific experience. Basically, the market is very fragmented. So while you might have experience in a very similar area, and you're obviously pretty damn smart after finishing a four year elec eng degree, the companies are putting such a squeeze on things that you would have to be almost 98-100% match for their position.

That didn't come out quite as clearly as I wanted it to. Comment on it if you wish, I gotta go simulate some stuff.
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21-03-2006, 02:42   #62
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Originally Posted by finnpark
Mine have not.

Even some of the ones who got 1.1s are just working as Technicians. There are few graduate engineer jobs going for electronic engineering that is .

This is predicted to continue this year as the graph shows... - and that graph is for all engineering jobs.

Which college did your friends do their degrees in?
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21-03-2006, 12:36   #63
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Originally Posted by finnpark
Mine have not.

Even some of the ones who got 1.1s are just working as Technicians. There are few graduate engineer jobs going for electronic engineering that is .

This is predicted to continue this year as the graph shows... - and that graph is for all engineering jobs.
The article that picture is taken from is actually trying to promote EE from the perspective that the demand for engineers is growing, not neccessarily greater than supply.

Demand exceeding supply is a luxury many industrys do not have. It's a competitive market, you are in competition for jobs even when demand exceeds supply because the industry does not neccessarily want you just because you survived an EE qualification. They want bright, talented and interested people.

<Cathal's Alarmist Theory of Supply and Demand>
I believe that employment straight from universities may in fact drop, but the companies will tell the government that their demand for graduates has increased - and they will not be lying - they will retain their standard for good graduates, and the supply of these is decreasing.

Anyway, Midas Ireland lists 7 multinational and 9 indigenous semiconductor companies interested in increasing Irish EE graduate output:

Analog Devices, Cadence, Intel Ireland, Cypress Semiconductor, Duolog, S3, Xilinx

Anatech, Cratlon, Edalics, Eagle IC, IC Mask, Lightstorm Networks, Silansys, SensL, Wildflower Semiconductor.

I'd suggest that any EE graduate should have applied to most of these before becoming disillusioned about availability of jobs. I certainly didn't know the existence of a number of these when I graduated, so I figure the same is true of others.

Furthermore, in response to Finnpark's comment about taught Masters:

IMHO, the taught Masters offers an useful option to graduates for several reasons:
For individuals coming from less-recognised institutes or with poor grades that may be stigmatzed - fairly or unfairly - in getting jobs, doing a taught masters at a university is probably the shortest route to improve your CV to become competitive - on paper - with good university graduates. The coursework typically blends 3rd/4th year undegrad EE courses with graduate courses so that this person gets a well rounded education - or in some ways, a second chance at graduating with honours.
Also, the taught Masters allows postgraduate study without specialisation - somewhat like the US professional MEng degree, but at the same time providing substantial exposure to research. At the end of the taught Masters, the individual will have given him/herself a non-trivial amount of education pertinent to further postgraduate research programmes or to industry to accelerate his/her career.
Obviously, a research Masters will benefit an individual more in terms of a career in research - but the benefits over the taught Masters in industry are not obvious - unless you want to get into industry research. I recall a Analog Devices graduate presentation last year, where they said that the initial financial benefits of having either Masters was identical - but I don't know is this typical.
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22-03-2006, 00:04   #64
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Quick question

I was wondering if anyone could help me,i am thinking about finishing up my college life this year, hopefully i will leave with a Beng in Elec Eng. I keep getting told that i will have to go abroad to get started in the industry due to the shortage of jobs here, now that really doesnt upset me as id love to travel anyway,this country is that expensive now i can hardly afford to go out anymore never mind starting to build a house an settle.

My question is if i am going to travel Where would i start to look for a graduate job in a foreign country such as the US, Australia or anywhere in Europe? when i dont know even where to here.

I am a qualified car mechanic with hands on experience in different areas and would rather be working with hands on approach such as servicing and maintainence rather than a mainly a deskjob but would start anywhere.
Any advice on this subject would be gratefully recieved.
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22-03-2006, 18:11   #65
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Jeeves, I've recently joined a company that may appeal (they'd certainly be interested in you I think). It's called CGG (Compagnie General de Geophyisique) they prospect for oil all around the world. The jobs based at sea on a survey ship, with 5 weeks on board, followed by 5 weeks off at full pay (works out at €30k a year, tax free if you're out of Ireland for 6 months + I gather). If you're interested in travel like myself, it's a great oppourtunity (provided you can put up with the seafaring portion, no sea experience required).

If you want hands on, the Observer position might interest you.

Their recruitment manager told me they're trying to get more Irish staff. If anybody is interested/wants to know more about it, please PM me.
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23-03-2006, 00:38   #66
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Thank for the tip czar il definitly check out the website, dunno if i would have sea faring legs on me, but its sounds like an option well worth checkin out. Thanks again for the tip.
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27-03-2006, 13:00   #67
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Hi, I'm looking for an engineer who would like to do some CB repairs/upgrades/mods in their space time (paid work). They need to be in the North Dublin/Meath area.

If there is someone on the board already do this, can you pm me.

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31-03-2006, 05:54   #68
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I agree, Its almost impossible to get any sort of a job unless you get a 1:1. I managed to get that but still no luck, had 5 interviews. Managed to get a job as a Tech after 5 month looking. Its not great but sure its a start.
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16-09-2020, 09:31   #69
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You are right that the people who graduated are very smart.

Last edited by godtabh; 16-09-2020 at 14:22. Reason: Illegal suggestion taken out
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16-09-2020, 13:23   #70
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Originally Posted by janettetwenty View Post
You are right that the people who graduated are very smart. By the way, 88 help will obviously come in handy to get a degree, because sometimes situations arise when it is impossible to do all the homework on your own.
This is a 15 year old thread. Who are you replying to?

But since the thread has been resurrected from the dead I just thought I'd ask what the market is like for graduate electronic engineers?
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16-09-2020, 13:30   #71
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Wow 15 years - I feel old now! So did everyone get a job in the end?
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16-09-2020, 14:21   #72
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Originally Posted by janettetwenty View Post
You are right that the people who graduated are very smart.

Don't post in Zombie threads. Next time you do you will be banned from this form.

I've edited the piece that suggests something illegal. You have been carded for this.

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