I am with Imagine since a few years but recently had very poor speeds in the evening and especially latency issues, that made playing fortnite a real nightmare.

For Fortnite I found a solution by using my phone's mobile hotspot (with Gomo SIM) and latency occurrence were reduced by 90%. Happy days !

So I decided to try the new EIR mobile broadband solution thinking it could be a replacement of Imagine down the line, but at least have a back up in the evenings.

I got the modem router and SIM yesterday and found the best spot in the house - with download speeds varying between 15 and 40 Mbps and pings typically at 17ms but sometimes up to 40s or 50s. Much higher speeds than on my phone and similar pings..

All as I would have expected with a much better antenna in the modem.

Here is the mystery.. whilst playing fortnite I got constant latency warnings (nothing really bad in terms of lag though)

So why would this be different (worse) with a far better modem and same provider ?