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15-03-2020, 23:11   #9151
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Originally Posted by View Post
Blue Horseshoe loves Anacott Steel
No love for Teldar Paper?
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Originally Posted by Duke of Url View Post
What do they produce in the factory?
Smoke / carbon monoxide alarms.
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15-03-2020, 23:12   #9153
Put that light out!
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Originally Posted by Blueshoe View Post
I can't understand why people are talking about the army getting involved?.

Sure what are they going to do! Farcical. The general public again being shown up as idiots
It's been mentioned in the press they are lined up to help out from tomorrow morning. Don't think they'll need their guns to man telephone lines and provide other logistical help. Many member of the defence forces have skills that will be very useful in these circumstances, and their skills are much better being put into use than hanging round barracks and/or self-isolating
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I posted this last night but i think it was lost but is it not odd that only 20% on the princess cruise tested postive even though more than likely more than 80% to 90% should have been. It was rampant on it.
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Originally Posted by Bob24 View Post
Maybe people wondering why the hell the Fed is making yet another emergency decision even though their next regular meeting is scheduled very soon (Tuesday I believe).

I certainly do wonder - there must be something very wrong in the US financial plumbing (repos have also rampes up like crazy).
The repo market has been skating on thin ice for months
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Originally Posted by RocketRaccoon View Post
I'm in aviation, I'm in serious trouble.

She is a manufacturing supervisor, if they were to close for 2-3 weeks it wouldn't affect the company or business at all.
I feel really lucky to have started a new job in January. My partner is a chef and out of work from tomorrow. If both of us were out of work, we would not be able to pay the rent.

I'm working from home now. IT industry.
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Temple Bar deserted
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Mod: This thread was going to pass 10k overnight, so I've started Thread VIII early. No point in making the hamsters sick too.
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