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01-03-2020, 00:13   #8566
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Originally Posted by LawBoy2018 View Post
My asthma is quite bad, would I be more affected by the virus than the average citizen? If I don't sit my exams, it will set me back almost a year, would I be stupid not to sit them when there has only been two cases confirmed in Ireland?
The way this is going traditional exam halls are unlikely to happen
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01-03-2020, 00:13   #8567
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Originally Posted by tom1ie View Post
One thing about the school ski trips to north Italy:
The death rate in 10-19 year olds is 0.2%. You’d imagine those school kids would be grand. However the question is can they become healthy carriers of this virus who can effect more at risk groups?
From what ive read, people with even no symptoms can spread it. Which would be a nightmare.
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01-03-2020, 00:14   #8568
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On Italy demanding northern areas change the rules on testing...

The last figures today were equally as bleak as the last with the new regime which tells you all you need to know really. is offline  
01-03-2020, 00:14   #8569
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Originally Posted by all about the mane View Post
no, but plenty on here will make it up
The Mater is the only hospital in Dublin set up to handle this. They recently announced that they have set up a 6 bed ward to handle Covid 19.
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01-03-2020, 00:14   #8570
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Originally Posted by tillyfilly View Post
Does anybody know which hospital the patient zero in Ireland is in?
Ask Brendan
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01-03-2020, 00:15   #8571
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Originally Posted by billybonkers View Post
I did post on Wednesday saying there was something happening in the mater. Friend works there
Wonder if this is that person
People were posting about something happening in every Irish hospital at some stage during the week. Stop with this BS please.
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01-03-2020, 00:15   #8572
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Originally Posted by BanditLuke View Post
If you think i'm telling one of the most read forums in Ireland the guys name you can think again.
But you just said it proves that it isn't "BS". How so if you can't back it up? Are we supposed to take your word for it? A stranger on the internet?
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01-03-2020, 00:15   #8573
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Well, good jaysus. That’s quite worrying.
However it’s not a death sentence if anyone gets c19. That message needs to be reinforced. There’s a lot of people panicking.
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01-03-2020, 00:16   #8574
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Originally Posted by skimpydoo View Post
They recently announced that they have set up a 6 bed ward to handle Covid 19.
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01-03-2020, 00:16   #8575
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Originally Posted by BanditLuke View Post
I'm beginning to wonder if this is true. I seen a photo of a blocked off corridor inside the Mater on Thursday in a Whatapp group and thought nothing of it.

Actually here it is.
That means their testing equipment must be a 48 hour test until confirmation of positive.
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01-03-2020, 00:17   #8576
Put that light out!
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I'm going to close this thread and open the new one up without all this conspiracy talk cluttering it up

If anyone has a reliable source then fine - post that source. If not do not claim your word on this site is better than anyone else's or that your claims carry any weight whatsoever
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