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03-10-2020, 20:44   #346
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Originally Posted by Nabber
Trees are important as a habitat for a multitude of animals. But for example the 'lungs of the earth' for the Amazon has been debunked. The Amazon forest has a net contribution of 0%, replacing forest with farms isn't as impactful to the planet as most would think. Deforestation is alarming none the less but for different reasons, but not critical to human or existence.

Debunk by whom?
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04-10-2020, 21:08   #347
Pa ElGrande
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Originally Posted by Wanderer78 View Post
Debunk by whom?

Yadvinder Malhi, also Scott Denning

But that’s not the whole story. Trees don’t just exhale oxygen—they also consume it in a process known as cellular respiration, where they convert the sugars they amass during the day into energy, using oxygen to power the process. So during the night when there’s no sun around for photosynthesis, they’re net absorbers of oxygen. Malhi’s research team reckons that trees inhale a little over half the oxygen they produce this way. The rest is probably used up by the countless microbes that live in the Amazon, which inhale oxygen to break down dead organic matter of the forest.

“The net [oxygen] effect of the Amazon, or really any other biome, is around zero,” he explains.

Because of this balance between oxygen production and consumption, modern ecosystems barely budge oxygen levels in the atmosphere. Instead, the oxygen we breathe is the legacy of phytoplankton in the ocean that have over billions of years steadily accumulated oxygen that made the atmosphere breathable, explains Scott Denning, at atmospheric scientist at Colorado State University.

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21-10-2020, 19:48   #348
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There is nothing fair when it comes to the weather.
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21-10-2020, 21:20   #349
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Parts of southern Japan had highest rainfall in 21 years this year so far. Over 3metres of rain.
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