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My niece repeated a junior infant year and it was the making of her IMO she had no problem making new friends and was very mature etc when it came to the leaving cert.
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Your child is 4 1/2. When the year ends and the next one begins she will be what - 5 1/2. The teacher says she is getting on well and good in some subjects and not as good in others. If she repeats her first year in school and hits a problem later on in her life, or needs to repeat in 6th YEAR to get points in her leaving cert them this will set her back age wise considerably amongst her peers and feasibly limit her perception of her choices. All kids have ups and downs. Covid hasn’t helped. She has her little band of friends she likes and probably dosn’t need the stigma of being held back and maybe not adjusting or not gelling with the new class. I’d let her progress with her friends aNd not hold her back. Often kids held back are viewed differently or don’t gel - you don’t want to do this to a 5 year old. You don’t want her wondering why she not allowed be in her class with her friends anymore or is going back to learn the same work with ‘new’ kids who havn’t been in a class or even learned to sit or use crayons yet. Let her progress with her friends. Chances are she will disruptive and unsettled learning the same maths and materials and become bored doing it all again and a burden on the teacher. Fair chance she will think either everyone else is a bit slow and stupid as she knows the material and has done the workbooks already and readings already, or she is la king something in comparison to her old friends who are now all in a higher class than she is and doing new and more exciting maths and material and life skills.

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I have an April child (she is 10 now), I sent her to the naíonra of the school I wanted her to attend at 3 years old and within a week I knew she was too young; it was in comparison with the other kids some of which were a full year older. There weren't 2 ECCE years then and I had to pay for the preschool for the second year (and a full time minder because of the awkward hours); it was the best investment ever. While she came on a lot in the first pre-school year she was quite unhappy and the minute she stayed back she was so much happier. She was totally accepting of not going to big school after the first preschool year.

Its a massive advantage for her being one of the oldest in the class; she has never been bored as all Teachers to date have given extra work to the kids that get through the work quicker.

If you feel your daughter is too young and have the opportunity to hold her back I would jump at this - it will stand to her the whole way up. Kids at that age adapt so easily and she will make new friends straight away.

My now 10 year old thanks me for keeping her back, she is so happy in her class; I dread to think of her in 4th class now!

Good luck with your decision.
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If her teacher is happy with her and she is happy then leave her. Don't worry about what ages the other kids are, someone has to be the youngest. 4 years 4 months starting is not too young, I know lots that started at that age. Being the oldest is not ideal either. She would be bored doing the same work again especially if she didn't struggle the first time. There is definitely a stigma to staying back. Trust the guidance of the school on this.
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