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Originally Posted by Beckett42 View Post
As my retainer I mean how can I guarantee she will even go back to work after all this
Maybe that's why she is hesitant to pay a retainer.
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Originally Posted by davo2001 View Post
Are you for real OP, are you tax registered? Do you have a contract with this lady?

If not then sling your hook. We are paying our proper creche 25% of normal fees during this mess. We don't mind as they are tusla registered and all above board.

You have some nerve.
Just a comment on the above - I'm not sure what the OP's circumstances are (I can't see all the posts) but there are countless childminders around the country who provide an invaluable service to families.

Just on your points, a childminder working in her own home can mind up to four preschool children without having to register with Tusla, so obviously a creche must register, having above four preschoolers. You make it sound that your creche is complying with the law by being registered with Tusla but a childminder is operating some sort of shady business by not being registered. Not the case.

Also, a childminder working in their own home can earn up to €15k gross per year before paying tax (for this the childminder can only mind up to 3 children aged 0-17) and using those guidelines and going on my rates anyway there's no way I would come close to that figure. So by implying that childminders are not tax compliant is misleading. (And I'm not in receipt of social welfare payments before that tired comment is no doubt posted).

Again, I'm not sure about the OP's situation, but in my case I mind 2 preschoolers for a very low rate €6.50 per hour (for the two). I'm not complaining, I'm pretty ok for the most part with that. I don't get paid if I take a day off, if the parent doesn't send them for a day, or for bank holidays. I take the children when they are sick.

Childminders in my situation are invaluable to parents who chose us for the very reasons outlined above. So please don't slate childminders and make out that they're all running shady businesses compared to your "above board" creche.
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