The Media Interaction Forum [BETA]

Mission Statement:

This forum is a place for media organisations to engage with the greater community of

If you are coming to this site on behalf of a newspaper, a radio station, a television station or other media outlet then use this forum first.

There is a long established community on and newly signed up accounts appearing and suddenly asking for participation for a article, television or radio segment will most likely be met with a degree of suspicion and possibly hostility.

But that doesn't mean that isn't more than happy to work with media organisations. And we're always happy to be able promote the endeavors of users as well.

So this forum has been created to act as a gateway to the community.

If for example you need to do a piece on magic in Ireland you may want to get input from users on the Magic and Illusion forum on Instead of posting directly to that forum, post here first and we'll then subsequently introduce to the users of the forum and it will make the process a much smoother and friendlier process for everyone.

This is forum is very much a learning curve for us and I imagine that it will grow and evolve as we try and find the best way to work together.

The Rules:

* There should be no spam, trolling or any general muppetry. (Any of this will result in posts being edited/deleted)

* Try to be friendly & courteous to each other. If things get out of hand, offenders will be banned. (Any Abuse or Racism will not be tolerated)

* Commercial advertising is not permitted. (Contact the Admins if you wish to place ads on the site)

* Before starting a new thread, please check see if there is already a similar thread existing. (Duplicate threads will be removed)

* Any "off topic" posts will be edited, closed or deleted without warning.

* Any repeat offenders of these rules, will result in them being banned.

* All the usual rules also apply.

If there are any queries, please don't hesitate to send me a 'Private Message'