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08-02-2019, 19:34   #1
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Favourite/Least Favourite UK accents??

I saw a Yougov poll carried out 4 years ago asking people from the UK which was their favourite and least favourite "regional" UK accents.

Now the bizarre thing is they decided to include southern Ireland in this poll (WTF?), turning into a British (and Irish) isles thing, so of course which regional accent of course topped this poll?

Southern Irish +42
Received pronunciation/BBC English +31
Welsh +20
Yorkshire +15
West Country + 13
Geordie +10
Northern Irish +5 (surprised about this one)
Glaswegian -29
Cockney - 30
Manchester - 31
Scouse - 33
Brummie - 55 (ouch) (poll in full)

I'm born and raised in England but I have regular (boring) southern English accent, not pronounced BBC English crap but not cockney either.

Surprised Norn Iron doesn't do better, that people rate a Yorkshire accent MUCH better than a Manchester accent (I can't tell the difference between them so easily), and I thought people liked Scottish accents?

Also is the Scouse accent as unpopular in Ireland as it is in UK? Just curious because Irish people have often been seen as partly to blame for why it exists in the first place. Liverpool spoke like regular Lancashire folk in the 1800s and then it was first considered its own distinct accent in the 1890s thanks to huge waves of Irish immigration.

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08-02-2019, 19:35   #2
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I should say the Birmingham accent but I lived there and have gotten used to it.

However, the Liverpool accent screams "skanger" to me.

Strong manchester accents are horrible as well as yorkshire accents.

Oddly, I have a huge horn for girls with well spoken English accents
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08-02-2019, 19:56   #3
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Jamie Carragher is as mellifluous as a dentist's drill.
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08-02-2019, 20:12   #4
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There are tons of local variations in Scottish accents.

Glaswegian is horrible but half cast weegie is worst. Not quite Glasgow, not quite Edinburgh. Posh Glaswegian is just as crap.

People from Aberdeen sound like Geordies, Highlander is nice, miners scots is gobbledygook (my brother speaks like that) but the most popular (according to QI) is a posh Edinburgh accent (like mine!).

Queens Scottish its sometimes called. I find valleys Welsh the most annoying after Glaswegian.
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08-02-2019, 20:17   #5
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Michael the Geordie, whatsitallabootleek
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08-02-2019, 20:17   #6
SEPT 23 1989
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We changed all the accents in the north west of England

The innit bruvs of the 19th century
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08-02-2019, 20:19   #7
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No surprise there. Worked in a call centre for a couple of years and spoke to many a frustrated UK housewife. Can confirm the auld Irish brogue gets them wetter than an otter's pocket.
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08-02-2019, 20:21   #8
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You mug, you muppet, you slag
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08-02-2019, 20:29   #9
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I've a "northern" English accent. People quickly work out in from the North, but very rarely work out I'm from Yorkshire. I spent my childhood in the very North of Yorkshire with a few years in Leeds, 25 years or so in Manchester and 12 years over here.

My sister has more of a Geordie accent but she has spent most of her adult life in and around Newcastle. My brother has a North Yorkshire accent with a bit of Teesside thrown in

In terms of my own favourite it's definitely the Geordie accent. The one I like least is the Brummie accent.
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08-02-2019, 20:30   #10
Tom Mann Centuria
Forty - Twenty
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Favourite accent Northampton, least favourite accent Northampton.

Edit: bonus feature. The glamorous Northampton in some of its glory, it's got worse since this video! The first couple of voices you hear have a Northampton accent. Ignore the one after that (the bloke in the still, is from Yorkshire or some desolate part of the North)

Edit 2: Two fine Northampton exports (though Matt Smith has lost his accent)

Last edited by Tom Mann Centuria; 08-02-2019 at 21:22.
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08-02-2019, 20:35   #11
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Originally Posted by Agricola View Post
No surprise there. Worked in a call centre for a couple of years and spoke to many a frustrated UK housewife. Can confirm the auld Irish brogue gets them wetter than an otter's pocket.
I worked in a Dublin call centre and got a call from an Englishwoman living in NI, we was practically purring down the phone at me because of my accent. Pleasantly disconcerting. Damn that practise of recording calls for training purposes...
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08-02-2019, 20:35   #12
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I like a soft west-country accent - like Dr Alice Roberts, for example. Posh accents are nice too - if the speaker is female.

I can't stand the scouse accent or their slang, which sounds to me like baby talk. I don't like the mancunian accent either.

The Birmingham accent is more funny than unpleasant.
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08-02-2019, 20:56   #13
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Favourite is the welsh accent. Also love the Geordie accent and have a liking for the south west Devon/Cornwall Oooh Aaar Oooh Aaar accent too. The Edinburgh accent is nice also as well as northern Scottish accents. Hebrides accent is also really nice.

I detest the Yorkshire accent, Brummie Scouse and Manx accent too.
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08-02-2019, 21:00   #14
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Cockney or 'Sarf Landan' is the worst.

Love a soft Scottish or Welsh accent on a lady, very sexy.
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08-02-2019, 21:02   #15
Purple Mountain
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Hate hate hate that Cumbria 'ooh are' accent.
I can only think of stuffed moose heads on a grand country house wall hearing it.
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