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06-02-2019, 21:08   #46
Buford T. Justice V
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Originally Posted by FrKurtFahrt View Post
Pat 'Handball' Lally
D'oh, I only got this now
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06-02-2019, 21:11   #47
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internet joke......chilli because his dads name was Con Kearney
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07-02-2019, 13:48   #48
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Being in d'army for a few years, I came across a few funny ones.

Hitler, penis (his name was Pat Ennis), Susie (male), Patch (came back after a weekend with a plaster on his head), and many others, too numerous to mention.

I was called Skippy and the Wart Hog.
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07-02-2019, 14:14   #49
El Weirdo
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Originally Posted by major bill View Post
Not so much funny but took me years to realize the nickname Teabag was associated with the surname Lyons
I know a guy called Teabag because he was shit at rolling joints.
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07-02-2019, 14:15   #50
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some guy on here called Macker. Used to sign off all his posts with "later Macker"
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07-02-2019, 14:25   #51
fancy pigeon
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I once bought parts for a car from a fellow in Westmeath called Pissy. Couldn't understand and still can't to this day figure out why he's called that!
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07-02-2019, 14:29   #52
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Farmer near here called Paddy "Nail"
They call his son Paddy "Panel Pin"
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07-02-2019, 14:33   #53
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There was a player that used to play for Bohemians. His name was Darren Mansaram. He was black. I've heard him called Black Betty.

The reason for this was a chant that was created in his honour. It was that song black betty but they chnged the lyrics from "Woh Black betty bam a lam" to "Woh Black Darren Mansaram"
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07-02-2019, 14:37   #54
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Mate of mine once had a girl shout at him, Simon break my Hymen.

Not sure if he did, name didnt stick anyway.
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07-02-2019, 14:39   #55
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Had a friend called Wrong Mouth because everything he'd say would be incorrect.

Worked with a lady who's job involved going out to businesses. She never went out, staying at her desk - she became known as The Olympic Torch.

Stutts - he had a stutter.
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07-02-2019, 14:40   #56
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Originally Posted by fancy pigeon View Post
I once bought parts for a car from a fellow in Westmeath called Pissy. Couldn't understand and still can't to this day figure out why he's called that!
It was hardly Pissy Fletcher from Mullingar was it?

Fella of about 30.

I was acquainted with him in college, we knew him as either 'pissy' or 'piss'. No idea where it stemmed from and never had the courage to ask. He was a volatile individual.
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07-02-2019, 14:44   #57
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Originally Posted by rgodard80a View Post
One of my sisters knew a guy called "Hoover".

In his teen years, his brother and mother walked in on him attempting to pleasure himself with the vacuum cleaner. Never knew which brand, but always had a funny mental image of it being a "Henry" hoover.

The brother obviously wasn't going to keep that incident quiet and I'd say everyone within a 2km radius of his house knew about it.
Imagine your own mother catching you trying to blow your own arsehole out of it with a hoover. Dirty F*cker.

I had a good laugh at that. I might even try it ater after a few jars.
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07-02-2019, 14:45   #58
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Know a guy called Richard who is a welder everyone calls him Dick nuts. Also know a Willie windows..he fits windows.... is online now  
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07-02-2019, 14:46   #59
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Tommy tit was a teacher we had in secondary school in Wexford. He was small in height
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07-02-2019, 14:48   #60
Badly Drunk Boy
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Originally Posted by CalamariFritti View Post
I know a guy who is called 'horse'. He also calls everyone else horse. How'ya horse. It's funny and he's a nice guy. Horse. lol
I knew one of them too. He called everyone 'Horse' so that became his nickname. The poor lad died in a car crash in his early 30s.

There's also a woman I work with who calls everyone 'Luv' so that's her nickname. Very inventive, eh?
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