Welcome to the Photographic Expeditions Forum

What this forum is for
This forum is for organising meet ups around the country (And some outside), to go take photographs, teach techniques, post processing skills, and importantly, have a few pints in after (Red Lemonade for Vlastic ) It's nothing too serious, just some motivation to go out and have fun with like minded people. And use other peoples lenses.

I also hope this forum will be used as a "where to go". For example, if I start a thread on Waterford, with a list of good places to go to take photographs, whether they are landscape, macro etc, or a good backdrop for portraits. Feel free to add in any other information you have about an area - Good hotels, pubs, restaurants. It'll all help. Hopefully people'll be able to use this as a resource for a long weekend.

Feel Free to
Try get a few people together to take some photos

Ask about locations

Give or ask for advice about an area

Post links to interesting places about the country

Post interesting threads.


Please Don't

Spam your, or any website.

Sell equipment - Please use Adverts.ie for selling.

Flame people.

Ask people about pirating software or talk about pirating software - How to's, Where to's, etc!

I'd also greatly appreciate if you could do a search before asking about an area - There may already be a thread about it which may have the answer, if not, you can post in that thread. Hopefully we'll stick to one thread per county/area.

We'll see how this works out. Any suggestions, PM myself or any of the other mods, or post in the forum.

All the best,